Verrucas (also known as plantar warts) are warts or small lesions occurring on the soles of the foot. These warts are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They may be tender to pressure. Verrucas or Plantar Warts are of different size and shape ranging from 1 mm to 1 cm. There are small black dots present on the surface of the Verrucas or Plantar Warts which are blood vessels. Verrucas are commonly surrounded by hard skin. They are not a serious condition, however, are mildly contagious. Verrucas or Plantar Warts are spread through direct skin to skin contact to other parts of body or to other people. They can spread more easily if the skin is moist or damaged. Swimming pools are the most common place where this infection is spread. In order to avoid this, patient should cover it with a waterproof plaster and should avoid sharing towels. There are special Verrucas or Plantar Warts socks available which can be used. Walking barefoot should also be avoided.

Verrucas or Plantar Warts

Causes of Verrucas or Plantar Warts

Verrucas or Plantar Warts is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Further spread of the Verrucas or Plantar Warts can be prevented by covering them with plasters when swimming, avoiding walking barefoot and sharing of towels etc.

Symptoms of Verrucas or Plantar Warts

  • They appear as small, flat warts, resembling a cauliflower, on the sole of the foot.
  • They feel tender upon pressure.
  • Patient may feel like there is a small stone present underneath the foot when walking.

Treatment for Verrucas or Plantar Warts

  • Verrucas or Plantar Warts usually resolve on their own in 2 years.
  • Creams containing salicylic acid can be applied for faster resolution.
  • Patient should cover the Verrucas or Plantar Warts with salicylic acid plasters.
  • The Verrucas or Plantar Warts can be covered with an adhesive tape such as a duct tape.
  • Severe cases may require surgical treatment.

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