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7 Adverse Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Your health gets affected and depends on your habits and lifestyle. Hence having good habits is necessary to maintain good health. In this article, we learn about the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs, so as to plan a healthy lifestyle.

7 Adverse Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs

7 Adverse Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and other drugs are consumptions that though give a light-headed and a euphoric feeling to the person consuming the substance. However, this feeling creates a longing for the same, once the effect subsides. As a result, people often resort to these substances as a means of relaxing and having a nice time. In no time and before the person can realize, they form a habit of the same, which has a detrimental effect on health. Hence, alcohol and drug abuses are habits from which you must maintain a safe distance.

To illustrate better we will explain some real adverse effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Investigation and research into the domain have clearly pointed out various adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs. Studies have shown that people abusing these substances are frequently seen in medical emergencies, injuries, apart from causing health and societal problems.1

The following are some of the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs.

  1. Imbalance of Brain Chemistry: Your brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. Its functioning can affect your entire existence that will include both the psychological and the physiological aspects. Too much consumption of alcohol and drugs can cause an imbalance in the working of the human brain. One of the greatest adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs is the imbalance in brain chemicals. When we consume such intoxicating substances, our brain often releases a chemical that is known as dopamine. This gives us a euphoric feeling that helps us feel light-headed. It is this feeling that again, later on, creates a longing for these substances. However, with a passage of time, the brain gets used to the amount of dopamine that is being produced and is unable to function properly without it. This can make the person undergo a huge change. Changes can occur both in the personality and the health of the person.
  2. Health Complications from Alcohol and Drugs: Consumption of alcohol and drugs can affect various parts and organs of the human body. Every part of your body from your heart to your intestines can get adversely affected. Too much consumption of alcohol and other drugs can affect your heart, kidney, and liver in a rather adverse manner. It can also clog your veins and arteries real fast and bad. Drugs can cramp your muscles and also impede your bone development rate.
    Increased Risks of Infections: The adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs also include the increased risk of a number of infections. When a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs there is a greater chance of being emotionally unstable. In such a situation the person can indulge in unprotected sex that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Again drugs are also taken through injections, so if they are taken by infected syringes, it can lead to ailments like hepatitis C, HIV, and other diseases. In other cases, people who inhale through common bongs and pipes can develop infections like cold and cough.
  3. Legal Problems: This is a very common problem and an adverse effect of alcohol and other drugs. There are many employers who are unwilling to keep people under them who indulge in these habits. Hence alcohol and drug abuse can affect your employment track record and can get you in different legal problems.
  4. Financial Problems as an Effect of Alcohol and Other Drug: Alcohol and drugs are expensive. Some of them are even smuggled into the domains of our country. If you are to have them regularly and that too in large quantities it will mean that you need a good amount of money for this indulgence on a regular basis. This habit often can get you into deep financial problems. There are many who have faced bankruptcy due to this habit and many families that have been destroyed.
  5. Derogation of Youth: It is seen that youth are the larger section of the global population indulging in the habits of alcohol and drugs. This is a process that can dilapidate and rot the very roots and the future of a country. The risk of affecting our future generation is one of the greater adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs.
  6. Premature Death as an Adverse Effect of Alcohol and Drug Consumption: Drugs and alcohol when had in domination can act as a severe depressant. It is seen that people who indulge in a combination of these two deadly substances often end up in attempting suicide and killing themselves. This is the sign of severe depression that they face and are unable to overcome.


Alcohol and other drugs are often clearly predicted as the reason that can bring a complete downfall of a person. Now that you are aware of the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs you will be able to take a wise decision. If you or your loved one are addicted to these, it is advisable that you do take professional help to get rid of them.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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