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Is Nicotine An Anticholinergic & Does Nicotex Contain Nicotine?

Nicotine or tobacco dependence is common and severe in patients suffering from the problem of schizophrenia. In fact, nicotine consumption is one of the ways, in which patients often deal with their illness-related problems. However, until now, not one of us is able to link the dependence of nicotine as any comorbidity with the problem of schizophrenia.

Is Nicotine An Anticholinergic & Does Nicotex Contain Nicotine?

Nicotine is a common inducer of the liver cytochrome P450 of a person’s enzyme system, as the system allows metabolization of most of the psychotropic medications. Nicotine usage thus reduces the efficacy of various psychotropic medicines by simply boosting the metabolism.

Is Nicotine An Anticholinergic Agent?

According to the latest studies, the risk related to the consumption of nicotine becomes relatively high with the application of haloperidol or any other similar type of antipsychotics. The reason for this is that nicotine or tobacco compensates the dopaminergic blockade effects associated with antipsychotics in the patients’ bodies. Nicotine is thus one of the strong cholinomimetic agents, which intend to compensate the deficiency in acetylcholine in schizophrenia patients.(1)

Until now, doctors have explained the dependence of nicotine in schizophrenia patients based on different mechanisms, which include the following-

  • Regular usage of nicotine results in its dependence, especially this is common in individuals with any other type of psychiatric disorders
  • Increase in the usage of nicotine to compensate for the cognitive, negative and other depressive symptoms related to the problem of schizophrenia
  • Nicotine use intends to compensate the dopaminergic blockade induced by antipsychotic problems
  • Nicotine usage compensates the cholinergic deficiency
  • Especially, if we have a look at the last fact about nicotine usage, we should say that nicotine dependence has a close relationship to compensate for the anticholinergic effects induced by psychotic drugs. Based on the aforementioned facts, we should say that nicotine comes with anticholinergic effects.(1)

Does Nicotex Contain Nicotine?

Until now, it has become clear that most of the patients suffering from schizophrenia or any other similar type of disorder often remain addicted to having tobacco or nicotine products, including the habit of smoking cigarettes. In this situation, most of the doctors recommend Nicotex to such patients. However, the question that comes in our mind is whether Nicotex contains nicotine and if yes, how much to affect one’s health. For this, we have to analyze Nicotex in detail, as discussed here.(2)

About Nicotine Gum/Nicotex

Nicotine gum is a type of aid to cigarette/tobacco/nicotine cessation. Accordingly, it aims to help individuals to quit their smoking habits. Nicotex performs its functions by simply replacing the nicotine, which smokers often obtain from various tobacco products. Nicotex users thus reduce their nicotine gum dosage gradually until and unless they stop experiencing their cravings towards it or at least up to the subside of any bothersome symptom related to the withdrawal of nicotine and reduces the severity of it.

Contents Of Nicotex In Detail

Nicotex or nicotine gum is a hard-chewing gum, which comes in the packaged form inside a foil packed container. The gum has 2mg to 4mg of nicotine in a single piece i.e. almost similar to the nicotine amount found in one or two cigarettes. If you are a type of smoker, who wants to have his/her first cigarette within 30minutes after you wake up, you should start with a 4mg dose of Nicotex. On the other side, if you can wait about 1 hour or even an hour to have your first cigarette of the day after waking up, you should start with 2mg Nicotex dose.

A person has to chew the gum for about 15minutes after having food or water. Especially, you should chew it until and unless it becomes soft and begins to give you a peppery taste in combination with a tingling sensation. During this point, you have to place the piece between your cheeks and gums, while leaving the same in its own place. An interesting aspect of having Nicotex is that your body will absorb relatively less amount of nicotine than the amount possessed by each piece of Nicotex nicotine gum.(2)

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