Staying on Track of a Relapse Prevention Plan

A recovering drug addict struggles most with temptations that cause relapse. Even though relapse is a common occurrence with a history of drug abuse, it can be prevented.

Recognize the Stages of Relapse

The expression, “They just snapped,” is an observation made from a perspective that missed most of the story. Often, there is much more involved bringing the person to a breaking point. Although a decision to use may come at the spur of the moment, there is more leading up to it. A person without self care is at higher risk. Not eating or sleeping well is one sign. The person may focus more on negativity. A negative stage of mentality will push a person back to using. This stage includes dishonesty about their past problems, or excuses to revisit their old lifestyle. A recovering addict needs direction and purpose. Boredom and lack of self-worth pushes towards relapse.

Know Your Triggers

In most relapse instances, there are commonalities leading to a fall. Stress of work and finances are leading causes. Drugs temporarily diminish the cares of this world, providing an easy escape. Recovering addicts often think of their past enticing them to revisit old friends and hangout spots. This common factor is a self-made bait and switch, leading many to relapse. Much of this can be carefully avoided, yet addicts can find triggers in their normality of life. Working under the hood of a car brought one man back to the memory of how a cold beer would taste. A plan must be in place and carefully adhered to in order to avoid relapse and continue a long-term sobriety.

Ask For Help

Without a helping community, it is unlikely a recovering addict will succeed. Help will be found in the support of family and friends who are nurturing in a positive way. Weekly NA meetings and therapy play an important role. A group of like-minded people who are able to better relate with the addict will give a kind of support that is unattainable by a caring family member. Counselor’s like those at AION Health Group have a goal to restore hope and wholeness. Having a helping community is not weakness, but to the contrary, gives strength through accountability.

Remember your Reasons for Quitting

Many addicts have a list of painful memories that persuaded them to quit. This list could be comprised of traumatic events, or simply the traditional ongoing morning hangovers, reminding him or her of being a fool. Dwelling on these things is probably not healthy, although they make a tight arsenal when up against temptation. The same can be used through sobriety. An increased quality of life is worth continued sobriety. Reminding oneself of their accomplishments will probably detour them, rather than throwing away such a huge gain.

A drug relapse prevention plan will make the difference in a successful long-term sobriety. AION Health believes in long-term recovery in patient lives for their success, providing personalized recovery plans.

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