Five Foolproof Tips to Prepare for MCAT Exam

Five Foolproof Tips to Prepare for MCAT Exam

Millions of people worldwide aspire to become doctors. They spend their time, energy, and resources to realize their dreams. Of course, there are several milestones they need to achieve along the way to make it to the top.

Clearing your MCAT exam is one of the most crucial endeavors to becoming a doctor. It is an inescapable compulsion by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Seemingly simple, thousands of students take an MCAT test every year to progress toward their medical careers.

The test is divided between multiple choice questions and a written test to access your diverse knowledge in the field. These questions aim to assess your scientific knowledge, writing skills, and ability to solve your problems.

Yes, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the pressure and prepare.

1. Create a Schedule

Millions of people prepare themselves for mcat studying every year. However, everyone has their way of getting things in the system. Your style may differ from that of other people. But it all depends on whatever sales your boat is at the day’s end.

It is essential to give yourself at least six months to prepare for your MCAT exam. This test, unlike many others, cannot be prepared by cramming the night before. Yet, there is one thing that you must know before it’s too late.

Therefore, it is essential to clear your calendar beforehand and create a foolproof schedule. You can refer back to your scheduler every time you feel lost. This practice can help you stay on the path and avoid procrastination.

Try to be as detailed as possible with your schedule. Divide it into memorization, content review, and practice questions, and do not forget about the much-needed breaks. Do not forget to create sub-sections of your time slots.

2. Choose a Learning Style

Whether you are preparing for MCAT this season or the next, there are some things you may want to consider now. One of these things is thinking about your learning style.

Do you prefer lists and flashcards over lectures and seminars? Or do you learn better with audiobooks?

You may not know the answer right away. But, it is essential to find out the answer. After all, the MCAT is one of the most important tests in your lifetime. You must be ready to absorb all the knowledge to pass the test.

There is no one size fits all approach to learning. Therefore, learning about your preferred styles may take some experimenting and energy. Try a new medium of gaining knowledge every day to see what yields the best results.

3. Get an Accountability Partner

It is common for people to dedicate 6-12 months of their lives to preparing for their MCAT exam. You may feel motivated in the beginning. However, it can be hard to maintain the same energy every day. It does not take long before procrastination kicks in.

Just as having a gym buddy keeps you motivated towards your body goals, a study partner can help you stay in touch with the final goals. It may not seem like a lot, but having someone as zealous as you by your side cannot go wrong.

This way, whenever you feel lazy or deviate from your plan, you can contact your accountability partner. Hence, you can be there for each other through your highs and lows, and all parties can reach the end goal.

4. Use Practice Tests

At one point or another, you will feel prepared for your MCAT test. However, if you have no one to access your preparedness, things can go wrong quickly. It can feel great to finally revise everything and make it through your preparation schedule.

As there are many publically available study guides, you may be happy to know that free MCAT tests are also available. You can pick a few trustable resources to download some tests or take them online.

In either case, you will be certain of your preparedness for the MCAT tests. If you feel prepared, you can stick with revisions. However, if you score lower than the passing grade, it may be time to go back to step 1.

5. Plan for the Big Day

It is not uncommon to forget about the test day while preparing for it. After all, stress can take over easily when you feel pressured and overwhelmed. That is why it is important to prepare for the test and the test day side by side.

Make sure that you know the exact location of your test center and your seat, and have all the needed material ready beforehand.

Make sure that you have a healthy breakfast before leaving. And, of course, dress comfortably to ensure that you have no problems while attempting the test.