What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

It may come across as extremely embarrassing for a man to accept he suffers from the acute problem of erectile dysfunction. While many young men take pride in their sexual stamina and great girth, there are a few who may also suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED despite their young age. They fail to get an erection despite sexual stimulation or may not be able to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse with their partner.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

Why Erectile Dysfunction Has Become More Prevalent Among Younger Men?

Even though erectile dysfunction affects a lot of older and middle aged men in their 40’s and 70’s, the disorder has suddenly changed course and is more prevalent among men in their late 20s. Despite being at an age when sexual activity is high, erectile dysfunction makes it difficult for young men to deal with the ‘pressure’, causing depression and anxiety. Some of the main contributing factors to erectile dysfunction in young men include smoking, drinking, pollution and other unhealthy habits that slow down your internal system. Due to these activities, young men are also prone to other lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. These ailments make it difficult for the blood vessels and heart to pump blood to the arteries and penis tissue, causing erectile dysfunction.

While this is just one of the major causes, the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction is to be open about it. It is imperative that you consult a doctor for related queries.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

While body age plays a major role in causing erectile dysfunction or impotency, there are a few other reasons which contribute to the condition in young men:

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Smoking is one of the main contributors to erectile dysfunction in young men. Be it peer pressure or a mode of being accepted socially or mere lack of knowledge, the concept of smoking and inhaling nicotine is one of the major reasons men suffer with impotence at such young age. Smoking damages your blood vessels and the nicotine and tar accumulated in your body affects your liver and your lungs, which in return creates blockage in your arteries. Anything that creates blockage in your arteries becomes a barrier for blood to pass through.

Not only does smoking create blockage but it also ages your body from the inside and slows down your senses. This is definitely not the ‘healthy lifestyle’ you would want to have. Apart from causing cancer, now smoking can also seriously hamper a young man’s sex life.

How Obesity Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

Studies suggest that being overweight is not only unhealthy but contributes significantly to erectile dysfunction across all age group. Obesity has always been a problem among the older generation; however, the advent of junk food has ensured that the younger generation have become more susceptible for obesity. This has increased the risk of heart disease and other physical disorders among the youth of today. While cholesterol and blood pressure are common among obese men, erectile dysfunction in young men is one of the major ailments caused due to obesity.

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal region is dangerous. It curbs and disrupts the movement of blood and restricts the flow of blood through the arteries to the male organ. While it makes you inactive and lazy, blocking testosterone secretion, it also creates blockage in the arteries, which then leads to erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that young men engage in a daily exercise routine to prevent erectile dysfunction. Join a gym or practise yoga to deplete the excess fat that accumulates around the waistline and stomach.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: Depression and Emotional Failure Causing ED in Young Men

Depression these days has become a common disorder among youngsters as the level of stress and incompetence can create doubt. A low self-esteem could be the start of a number of disorders. When you choose not to deal with emotional baggage early on, it could lead to withdrawal symptoms, suicidal thoughts, animosity, anxiety and impotence. Losing interest in living a happy lifestyle due to depression can cause loss of libido and diminish your interest in exploring sexual activities. In short, it also makes your system slow and causes your blood vessels and heart to pump out low amount of blood in your pelvic area. A long-term disorder can cause impotency as your body lacks interest and becomes asexual and producing less male sexual hormones.

Consuming Drugs Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Drugs are just another form of consuming anti-depressants which is extremely harmful for your body, moreover they are fatal. Drugs like cocaine, weed or any other form of medication, when consumed, can slow down your system disrupting your normal body movement. Young men or anybody for that matter getting habituated to drugs might affect your sexual life by causing erectile dysfunction.

A regular consumption of drugs may not only slow down your sensory organs but also calm the body, making it dysfunctional to perform daily activities like running or could even cause memory loss. Drugs can cause short term amnesia too. However, consumption of drugs slows down the blood vessels from churning more blood which in return does not transit blood to your penis tissues, causing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in young men.

Liquor and Erectile Dysfunction

As opposed to popular belief, one too many drinks will not improve sexual performance. The young men who down three or more drinks a week are likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction. Alcohol serves as a potent depressant. When consumed heavily, it can reduce a young man’s libido and ability to perform in the bedroom.

Condoms and Erectile Dysfunction

The seemingly innocuous act of putting on a condom could cause stress, leading to erectile dysfunction in young men. Most young men tend to lose an erection when putting on a condom as it is a break from stimulation, reducing sensation.

Medication Induced Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Long-term opioid treatment can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and infertility among young men. Long acting opioids and prolonged treatment with either short or long acting opioid causes more often hypogonadism leading to erectile dysfunction in men and infertility in female patents.

What are Some of the Preventive Measures to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

While these are just some of the main cause of erectile dysfunction among young men, they can be treated if curbed at the right time. Here are few quick fixes alongside taking an appointment that will help one treat the disorder of erectile dysfunction:

  • Youngsters should quit smoking, drinking or consuming drugs in order to prevent the problems of erectile dysfunction
  • Practise yoga to stay fit and mentally strong
  • Indulge in physical activities like cardio vascular exercises, weight lifting to deal with stress and anger
  • Eat a healthy diet and involve more vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Socialise with friends on a regular basis and maintain a healthy friend group.

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