Herbs that Can Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction

The search for Erectile dysfunction cure dates way before to the introduction of Viagra in the 90s. Natural aphrodisiac’s, chocolate, ground rhinoceros and others have been part of research in order to increase potency, libido or sexual pleasure. The natural treatments or herbs for Erectile dysfunction are popular because they show fewer side effects in comparison to prescribe the medications.

Herbs that Can Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Herbs that Can Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Panax Ginseng Helps Cure Erectile dysfunction

    Panax Ginseng herb has a history of more than 2,000 years in the Chinese and Korean medicine. Also used in the form of tonic, the herb is helpful in prolonging the life span apart from curing several illnesses. People suffering from Erectile dysfunction consume the roots of the ginseng, popularly called as Korean red ginseng to increase stamina, overall well-being, eliminate stress, and increase concentration.

    Clinical study of Panax ginseng herb displayed a definite improvement in duration of erection, penile rigidity, overall satisfaction, and improved libido. Although the herb roots for Erectile dysfunction are safe for consumption, using it for short-term basis is preferable. It can act negatively with alcohol, caffeine, and other medicines. If you are planning to use the herb as a cure for Erectile dysfunction, do speak with your doctor. It is helpful if you are currently following a medical treatment.

  2. Maca Herd Can Help Cure ED

    Adding Maca herb to the diet provides overall health benefits in the form of amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium. Maca is available in three different types – yellow, black, and red. Black maca has the tendency to alleviate stress along with an improvement in memory. However, stress has a negative impact on Erectile dysfunction. Although it has minimal evidence, studies show that consuming the root improves placebo effect.

    It is not preferable to add Maca herb to people who are suffering from heart conditions as studies concluded that intake of it elevated blood pressure. The recommended consumption of this herb is less than a gram per kilogram.

  3. Herb Yohimbine Helps Cure ED

    Yohimbine herb is the derivative of the West African evergreen tree. For over seven decades, people used the bark of the evergreen tree as an excellent treatment for Erectile dysfunction because they believed it helped in treating Erectile dysfunction. According to them, the herb assisted in activating the penile nerves to release excessive blood, widen the blood vessels to allow an increased flow of blood into the penis, prolong erections, and stimulate the pelvic nerve along with boosting adrenaline supply.

    Although definitive proof lacks, adding Yohimbe herb is a good way to promote sexual life. Combining it with L-arginine has a greater impact on erectile function. L-arginine helps in expanding blood vessels because it is an amino acid. Although considered as an efficient and safe way to cure Erectile dysfunction, few people may experience side effects such as stomach cramps, nausea, vomitings, and diarrhea. It is preferable to avoid intake of the combination of Yohimbine with L-arginine with blood pressure medicines, Viagra, and nitrates. Approaching a doctor is preferable to have a clear picture of the intake of value per day.

  4. Another Herb to Cure ED is Mondia Whitei

    Known as White’s Ginger, Mondia Whitei herb is popular in Uganda where people give priority to herbal plants than medicines. According to the locals, consuming it is helpful in increasing libido and managing the sperm count. Studies suggest that eating the White’s Ginger shows a similar result as that of Viagra and helps in increasing human sperm motility, testosterone levels, sexual desire, and nitrogen oxide production. However, the advantage of adding it for Erectile dysfunction is that there are fewer side effects in comparison to prescribed medicine, the Viagra.

    It is always preferable to talk to a doctor before trying out a new herbal medicine for Erectile dysfunction. As herbal treatment has little scientific evidence, it may be difficult to understand or possess a thorough knowledge of using them in curing Erectile dysfunction.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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