How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?|Physical & Psychological Causes of ED

Erection involves the nerves, brain, muscles, hormones and the circulatory system of a human being. Each of the mentioned systems performs their functions together for filling the erectile tissue present in the human penis with the blood. However, a man suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction faces troubles in getting and/or maintaining the erection to perform sexual intercourse. Most of the men suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction are entirely unable to achieve an erection, while others face difficulties in maintaining erection even after a short time.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

The problem of Erectile Dysfunction or ED is relatively common among men belonging to the older age group, but at the same time, it affects many young men and that too in higher numbers. Although, men may feel embarrassed while discussing about the problem with the doctor; having an open and honest conversation is essential; as the problem in the initial phase will result in proper diagnosis and its appropriate treatment. For instance, about 50 percent of total men during their 50 years age, while 60 percent of the men during their 60 years suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

On the other side, another research study has highlighted the problem of erectile dysfunction is common among various young aged men. In fact, researchers have found the problem among 26 percent of the adult men within 40 years age. Indeed, the rate highlighted here is analogous to that experienced by men of old age group. Even medical researchers have observed relatively more numbers of young erectile dysfunction patients than old erectile dysfunction individuals to use illegal drugs and smoke cigars.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Takes Place in Men?

Based on the research study, we have come to know that a large number of young men along with older ones are dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction. This obviously develops a prime question that why the problem is so common among men. For this, medical experts have highlighted about two major causes, as mentioned here.

  1. Physical Causes of ED

    1. Clogged Arteries

      Getting as well as keeping the erection involves healthy blood circulation. Clogged arteries or atherosclerosis is a possible cause of the erectile dysfunction problem. In addition, patients may face erectile dysfunction because of high blood pressure.

    2. Diabetes

      Erectile dysfunction may also take place as a sign or symptom of diabetes. Reason for this is that high blood glucose levels may cause severe damages to the blood vessels, along with those vessels supplying blood to the men’s penis at the time of intercourse/erection.

    3. Obesity or Overweight

      Obesity or overweight involves a big risk factor for hypertension, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Hence, overweight men should immediately start taking necessary steps to loss their excess pounds.

    4. Hormonal Disorders

      Hormonal disorders in the form of low testosterone may cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, prolactin production in pituitary glands contributes to the hormonal cause of the problem of erectile dysfunction. Along with this, abnormally low or high thyroid or hormone level may cause erectile dysfunction. Young men using steroids to build muscular mass also remain at higher risk related to the erectile dysfunction problem.

  2. Psychological Causes of ED

    1. Anxiety and Depression

      Feelings associated with sexual excitement which results in erection, begins in the human brain. Conditions, such as anxiety and depression may interfere with the respective procedure. A prime sign of depression among men is withdrawal from various things, which give pleasure, including the activity of sexual intercourse.

    2. Work and Life Stress

      Stress associated with money, jobs and other events taking place in the life of humans may contribute to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Abuse of drug and alcohol are common causes of the erectile dysfunction among various young men.

    3. Partners’ Relations

      Poor communication and relationship issues with the partner may result in erectile dysfunction in men.

How to Avoid the Erectile Dysfunction Problem?

Bring changes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy diet, physical exercises and losing weight will definitely help individuals to reduce the problems posed from the erectile dysfunction. Especially, you will benefit a lot by quitting from cigarettes and cutting back on the consumption of alcohol. Other than this, you should discuss with your partner about the problem you are facing. Performance anxiety may compound several other problems of erectile dysfunction.

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