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"Eye is one of the most precious gifts holding beauty and dreams. If any foreign body gets in; it can ruin the gift that is gifted special." Usually when something gets in our eye, our eyes tear up and wash out the foreign object. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to remove the foreign body out of the eye. One must be very much careful while trying to remove out any trapped foreign particles out of eyes. We will know about 6 ways to get something out of the eye without hurting or scratching the cornea of the eye and without ruining the normal condition of our eye.

Various Foreign Particles that may enter your Eyes and Safety Warnings before getting them out:

Usually foreign particles which may accidentally get in to our eyes may include dust particles, bits of glass, metal pieces or chemicals. Sometimes tiny insects or flies also get trapped in the eyes, especially while riding two wheelers during the night or dark.

It is always essential to be very much cautious about not hurting or scratching the eye cornea while trying to remove the foreign body out of eyes. Below are few of the safety warnings to know before getting something out of your eyes.

  • Make sure you are very much careful about not scratching your eye corneas, which can be painful and may take about a minimum of 2 days to heal.
  • Be sure you are not poking around anything sharp in to your eyes for removing the foreign particles.
  • If bits of glass, metals or any chemical get inside your eyes, do not try to remove it by self; rather tape your eyes with a paper cup and reach a doctor's office.
  • Keep a note that your hands are very much clean while you are trying to remove something out of your eyes, so as to keep away from eye infection.

6 Ways to Get Something out of the Eye:

6 Ways to Get Something out of the Eye

Here below are 6 ways to remove something out of your eyes safely:

  1. Wash your Hands and Inspect your Eyes for the Foreign Object:

    It is essential for you to clean your hands properly before trying to inspect your eyes or remove the foreign object from the eyes. This would prevent you from getting any unwanted eye infection. Now, be very much sure that you are not rubbing your eyes which can scratch the cornea. One more thing to remember is not to poke anything sharp inside your eyes which can cause damage to your eyes.

    Once you have known about these safety tips try to inspect your eye and try to find out the location of the foreign particle inside the eye. Check your upper and lower eyelids, check in the cornea or conjunctiva to find out where the foreign object is stuck inside the eye. Once you have known the location, try to find out what kind of object it is; i.e. dust, eyelids, makeup etc. You can take help of someone nearby or can check on your eyes by the help of a mirror in front for proper inspection.

  2. Flush your Eyes with Clean Water to get Something out of your Eye:

    Usually dirt particles come out of their own by getting tears and being washed out from the eyes. However, if it does not happen, you must wash your hands and flush clean water in to your eyes for few minutes. Once you have flushed enough water into your eyes, take clean towel and pat dry your eyes. You can find some relief from the pain and discomfort and also can be free from the foreign object in the eye.

  3. Move your Eyelids around slowly while trying to get something out of your Eye:

    If even after flushing your eyes with water, the object is still there, try to move your eyelids all around. You can pull your upper eyelid over the lower eyelid and roll your eyes upwards which can help the object come out of your eyes.

  4. Remove the Foreign Object from your Eye with Wet Cotton Swab:

    Using a wet cotton swab can help you remove the foreign object from your eyes if it is stuck in the corner of the eye or under the lower eyelid.

  5. Take Help of Someone Adult Near you when trying to get something out of your Eye:

    If you find it difficult to remove the foreign object from your eyes, you can take help of someone near you who can do it for you.

  6. Reach a Medical Professional if you are unable to get something out of your Eye:

    In case everything fails and none of the ways work in getting the foreign particle out of your eyes or if the symptoms go worse then be very much aware to reach a medical professional on an emergency basis.

Symptoms to Check which requires a Doctor's Visit if something gets in your Eyes:

  • If there is intense and deep eye pain, you need to meet doctor for getting the foreign object out of your eyes.
  • If the object do not come out even after 30 minutes of flushing water in to your eyes.
  • If there is a decreased or blurred vision after something gets in to your eye.
  • If your eyes grow with symptoms of eye infection.
  • You need to meet a doctor if your eyes grow with symptoms of photophobia or sensitivity to light.
  • If blood develops in the iris of the eye; you must immediately meet a doctor.
  • In case any chemical or bit of glass gets in to your eye; make sure you reach a medical professional on an emergency basis. You must flush your eyes properly with clean water for about 15-20 minutes and call a doctor immediately or may reach the emergency care center in any nearby hospital.


Above were some of the few ways to get something out of your eyes by self or by taking helps of someone else near you. Be very much sure to get an emergency medical help in case of any serious symptom due to any foreign particle in your eyes.

Take care of your eyes. They show you the way to follow!

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