An Overview of Healthy Hair!

Your hair is the most significant part of your body. Healthy and beautiful hair is the first thing that people notice, since it adds to the attractiveness of an individual. It is your crowning glory and thus, it is highly important to maintain your hair. Taking good care of your hair prevents it from being exposed to damage or breakage and keeps it shining for long. But thanks to the busy schedules that people lead in today’s world, proper care of hair goes down in the drain. It becomes really difficult to keep up with the nourishment of your hair with the hectic schedules that you lead. Your hair gets exposed to dust, pollution, heat and rain which can cause a chemical imbalance and in turn damage your hair, making it rough or lead to split ends and hair fall.

Your hair defines your personality and creates an outline for it. Thus, you are required to follow a proper regime that would keep your hair healthy anytime, anywhere. Be it men or women, being conscious about your hair is a common thing. Today, with the upcoming hair trends, experimenting with styling products, colors, heat treatments and different hair styles can lead to severe hair loss and hair dryness. Your hair is your reflection and hence it is fundamental for you to own it with a proper hair care regime instead of a dull look which signifies lack of care. Also, washing your hair with celebrity advertised brands do not always work. It is important to note that not everyone has the same kind of hair type. There are various hair types that you should be aware about before picking up a product for your hair care:

Types of Hair

Following are the Types of Hair:

Oily Hair: You might have oily hair due to the excess secretion of oil from your body to your skin and scalp. This special need mostly leaves your hair to be dull and lifeless. It also calls in the need for you to shampoo your hair on alternate days since your hair turns greasy really fast.

Dry Hair: Your scalp has oil glands which are needed to maintain the sheen and growth of the hair. However, sometimes, your oil glands are ineffective resulting in dry hair. This leaves your hair frizzy at most times, and more prone to breakage and damage. This is further aggravated by using excessive style treatments and chemical infused shampoos.

Normal Hair: Normal hair is a blessing to many individuals across the globe. Endowed with a proper pH balance, normal hair is perfectly shiny and healthy. Not much effort has to be made to take care of this hair type. Proper cleaning, drying and limited exposure to the sun ensures your normal hair type is taken adequate care of. There are fewer amounts of hair fall and dandruff in this hair type in comparison to dry and oily hair.

Know Your Hair Type for the Best Results of Hair Treatment

The proper knowledge of your hair type makes you capable of choosing the right kind of products for your hair, in addition to maintaining a regime that would facilitate its growth. In addition to knowing your hair type, you need to know the present condition of your hair, whether it is more prone to breakage, or thinning or needs more moisture etc. Once you can pinpoint what exactly leads to your hair going out of line, you can choose the proper hair care regime and hair treatments that would be apt for your hair type and rejuvenate your hair which would last you for a long time. Break the myth of washing your hair regularly because that actually leaves your hair lifeless. It is important to find out about the health of your scalp and its level of porosity. Using harsh shampoos regularly can make your hair thin thanks to the excessive hair fall caused by these products. Each hair cleansing should be followed with a good hair conditioner. A good conditioner helps to make your hair softer by replenishing it with moisture. If you wash your hair more than twice a week, you should skip the shampoo once and just wash your hair with a deep nourishing shampoo. The effects of the deep nourishing shampoo are much more noticeable than a dry wash. It leaves your hair healthy and happy until the next wash.

The 8 Best Home Treatments for Hair

#1 Onion Juice Hair Treatment: Facilitating Hair Growth With Onion Juice is one of the oldest home treatments in the book. Sulphur, contained in onions enhances the collagen production in your tissues and helps in growing hair at a quicker speed than usual. It does have a repellant smell which can be curbed through proper rinsing. You can cut a few pieces of onion and squeeze its juice out. Apply the juice on your scalp and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes, after which you can wash it off with a mild shampoo. If you do not like the smell of onions, you can replace it with potato juice and repeat the same steps.

#2 Coconut Milk Hair Treatment: Coconut milk is endowed with goodness. It consists of iron, potassium and essential fats that are needed by your hair for proper growth and maintenance. To use coconut milk as a home treatment pack on your hair, take the milk out of a fresh coconut. Do not substitute it for the readily available coconut milk in the market. Using the fresh milk from the coconut, add half a lemon, a few drops of essential lavender oil and apply it on your scalp, leaving it for 5 hours at least. Rinse it off with your regular shampoo to witness the fresh smell and change in your hair consistency after a standard period of usage of this hair treatment.

#3 Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Treatment: Using The Goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is known to be gentle on the scalp, whilst maintaining the pH balance of your hair. You can mix around 75 ml of apple cider vinegar with water and use this solution as a final rinse after washing your hair. It acts as a guard for your hair, in turn promoting its growth.

#4 Egg Mask Hair Treatment: Eggs are full of protein and serve as an alternative to supply the same for your hair. Eggs are a renowned home remedy used all across the world and is proven for its quick and long lasting benefits. Eggs are also rich in zinc, sulfur, phosphorous and iodine. You can take one egg and mix it with olive oil and honey. Once the paste is made, you can apply it on your scalp as a mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. Use a shampoo and cold water to rinse it off. Some individuals utilize the entire egg or separate the yolk from it. The albumin present in the egg is a great source of sulfur and zinc, which facilitates hair growth. Also, olive oil can be replaced with lavender oil, if needed.

#5 Fenugreek for Healthy Hair: Fenugreek is also considered an old and an effective home treatment for healthy hair. It comprises of several proteins and nicotinic acids to help promote hair growth. You can mix this herb with water and make a paste. Further, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil or milk to the mixture and keep it on your scalp for half an hour. Rinse off this mixture with a mild shampoo to see the results in a few days.

#6 Green Tea for Healthy Hair: Rich in antioxidants which help in keeping your body healthy, green tea also has miraculous effects on your skin and hair. You can apply warm green tea, drained from the tea bags and apply on your scalp for an hour. You can rinse it off with cold water and see the results as your hair loss lessens and hair growth increases with green tea hair treatment.

#7 Amla for Healthy Hair: The Indian gooseberry or amla is full of nutrients and highly effective home treatment for your hair. It is also sufficient in Vitamin C. You can mix a few teaspoons of amla juice or powder with similar amounts of lime juice and leave it to dry. Once that is done, you can rinse off your hair with warm water. Amla also prevents hair pigmentation, nourishing your hair and giving it a stunning look thus making Amla one of the most important ingredients in hair treatments.

#8 Treating Hair with the Coolness of Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a miracle substance for your hair. It prevents your hair from thinning with its cooling properties, which essentially strengthens your hair and makes it lustrous upon regular usage. You can extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves and blend it to give it a smooth texture and massage the gel on your scalp. After massaging it in the right manner, leave it on for the next half-an-hour and rinse it off with warm water.

The Science Behind Our Hair

If you delve into the science of hair, you would notice that your hair requires a specific protein called ‘keratin.’ Healthy hair, on an average, consists of 90% keratin which can be lessened if you expose your hair to harsh climates or excessive heating treatments. Like any protein which breaks down due to heat, keratin too succumbs under heat, leaving your hair dry and unmanageable. If you have sufficient amounts of keratin in your hair, the protein makes up for your dry and cracked pores and fills it up to give you the hair that you desire. The strong tissues of keratin are also found in your skin and nails. The protein builds up and replaces every now and then. When ample keratin is not supplied to your hair that is when things go wrong. Some people also try to get added keratin by supplying it in their diet, with the help of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein rich food items, and also hair supplements in the form of pills and tablets.

Instead of using branded shampoos or expensive hair salon treatments to rejuvenate your hair, you can also opt for natural homemade remedies that would replenish your hair and would be a cheap and effective alternative for hair maintenance. Natural products are well suited for every hair type. It is also a known fact how every individual loses about 80-100 strands per day out of the 1,00,000 to 15,00,000 hair strands on the scalp. It is not always possible to follow a new dietary pattern or lower the amount of stress. Our busy lives do not cater to our hair and skin needs and natural remedies serve as a viable alternative, instead of the quick and harsh chemicals we use on a daily basis. Natural products serve as the best alternative since they do not display any side effects or cause any harm to your hair. The results are long lasting and make your hair stronger and smoother. It would definitely catch the viewer’s eye as they would be able to notice the difference. Healthy hair would boost your confidence and make you ready for any outing, meeting or event where you would not have to invest too much time and energy into keeping your hair in place. Your well followed regime and effective natural remedies would do the trick for you.


Whichever hair treatment you use, it is very important to be gentle to your hair always. This means keeping the washing regime to a minimum, not experimenting too much with your hair by using styling and heating products and not exposing your hair too often to harsh climates. Brush your hair gently and only once or twice a day to avoid hair fall. Also, never comb or brush your hair when it is wet as the hair follicles are at their weakest at that point. Going natural is the key to beautiful, luscious hair. It is also important for you to stay happy, to promote a healthy lifestyle and bent of mind, which would further facilitate hair growth and also keep your hair happy! For healthy hair it is also important to cut down on stress, as stress accentuates damage to your hair and also affects your overall health. Concentrating on healthy food items is also a way, where if you focus on proteins and vitamins for a larger part of your diet to dazzle everyone with your hair. Your hair’s health would be maintained and your hair will remain nourished for a long time, giving you a beautiful look and making your day even better.

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