24-Year-Old Girls Story of 2nd Degree Ankle Sprain Due to High Heeled Sandals
"My ankle was put in a splint for 3 weeks and with an additional bed rest for 2 weeks": A 24-Year-Old Girls Story of 2nd Degree Ankle Sprain Due to High Heeled Sandals.
Back Pain - My Experience with Workers Compensation, Lawyers, Disability
Sam has related his experience of back pain and how it changed his life and impacted the quality of his life at a young age. How it was difficult for him to deal with workers compensation, insurance, get adequate treatment for his back injury, coping with pain medications, being labeled as a malingerer despite genuinely suffering from back pain.
Post OP Pain Experience of a 19 Year Old Girl
It was like hell for me. I couldn’t eat anything, because of the swelling and all and I was in extreme pain.
Shoulder Pain Story
The pain was so intense, that I was unable to lift my arm and had to use my other hand to reach the cookie jar.

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