Can long term use of methadone cause rash?

My friend is a chronic pain patient and because of people abusing meds the doctor dropped all his pain meds and he was on 2mg of fentanyl an hour.4,100mcg patches and 9 1600mcg losengers He was in terrible shape and and went through serious withdrawal for 4 months .then he finally found a doctor to help him.he was given 60mg of methadone a day.20mg 3 times a day and instant release morphine 30mg twice a day. The morphine at that dosage did nothing for breakthrough pain and recently it was take more at the same to time or suffer really bad .he took 90mg at once for 3 days but will not take anymore for the next 4 days.will the urine test show the amount he took ? He was in a severe car accident where he should of died but because he was a bodybuilder,professional fighter(MMA).instead of his neck snapping and killing him,his spine was crushed.hes been on disability for over 15 he is getting a rash like thing on bilateral arms.this was after he was hospitalized from another infection on my arms and legs that looked like cellulitis but the disease specialist said she didn\'t know what it was. Do you guys thinks it's the methadone cause it's not going away
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  • 'adam bendavid' on
  • 05/19/2015
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  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA
  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA

Thanks for questions. I am unable to answer any specific questions since the patient is your friend. Opioids in large dosage causes addiction and dependence. Dependence is the need to take more medications because pain is not responding to given dosage. Addiction is craving for pain medications when blood level of opioids goes down every few hours. Methadone is long acting opioids and morphine is short acting opioids given for breakthrough pain. Patient may take more pills for few days and then reduce dosage so as to balance the pill count during end of months before next prescription. Urine test will indicate different opioids but not the amount in blood. Blood test will indicate the amount of opioids circuiting in blood. Methadone does not cause any skin rash when consumed for long time. Patient should be seen by pain specialist and should be considered for interventional treatment. The nerve block may reduce severe pain so remaining pain may respond better to opioid therapy. Nerves are block with local anesthesia, cortio-steroids, radiofrequency nerve ablation and cryo-nerve ablation

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