What is Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic?

I am diagnosed of fibromyalgia following several test and referred to multidisciplinary Pain Clinic. What is multidisciplinary Pain Clinic?
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  • 'Susan' on
  • 07/25/2014
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  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA
  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA

Multidisciplinary pain clinic focuses on multidisciplinary approach of the treatment of chronic pain disorder like fibromyalgia. A Pain Specialist orchestrates multidisciplinary treatment. Multidisciplinary treatment includes injection treatment, physical therapy; massage therapy, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. Pharmacist and pain specialist supervise prescription of pain medications. Pain physician is board certified in Pain Management though primary specialization is either anesthesiology or physical medicine. Chronic pain often causes depression and anxiety, which is diagnosed and treated by psychiatrist. Consumption of anti-inflammatory, opioids or other adjuvant medications causes several side effects and close supervision by pharmacist prevents life threatening side effects. Pain specialist can direct the appropriate treatment like cortisone injection, physical therapy and surgery. Advantage of multidisciplinary approach is to prevent duplicate investigation and treatment.

Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic

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