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Does Cortisone Shot Reduce Skin Temperature?

I have bursitis of one hip for which I got a cortisone shot and am currently receiving physical therapy. My pain is improving. However my butt is always ice cold! Any connection?
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  • 02/03/2015
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Bursitis of hip joint is an inflammatory disease of the bursa. Bursa is a thin sac filed with Jelly like lubricant substance. Inflammation of the sac is known as bursitis. Inflammation increases temperature of surrounding tissue and skin over the bursa. Cortisone injection helps to reduce the inflammation and the temperature over the inflamed bursa becomes normal skin temperature like surrounding skin. It is possible you used to feel warm skin over bursa when it was inflamed. Since inflammation is reduced after cortisone injection and physical therapy skin feels less warm than prior to treatment. It impossible for the cold skin temperature to be related to bursitis.

Does Cortisone Shot Reduce Skin Temperature

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