Rib Pain and Rib Muscle Pain Treatment and Recovery Period

I fell in a hole and landed on a pipe that fractured 2 of my ribs that was august 20 2014 the ribs didn\'t really heal to sometime in the middle of January 2015 my side is still very swollen and the muscles feel funny all the time and hurt or burn the more I do
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  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA
  • Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI, DA

Rib fracture heals in 6 to 10 weeks. Rib curves back to front around the chest wall. Rib fracture is either partial or complete. The complete fracture of the rib causes separation of two ends of the rib. Treatment following injury is aimed to maintain two end of feature rib aligned in anatomical position. In most cases because of anatomical curve of the rib the two end often overlaps or not aligned correctly. The swelling is observed over fractured rib when ribs are not approximated or aligned in anatomical position during healing. The pain is because of continuous healing and inflammation of the scar tissue around the ribs. Pain in few cases is caused by pinched intercostal nerve. The intercostal nerve lies inside and at lower end of ribs. The scar tissue during healing may entrapped nerve. Following complete healing the entrapped intercostal nerve causes continuous severe pain. Your symptoms exclude intercostal neuralgia and possible cause of symptoms could be irritation of intercostal muscle and possible continuous inflammation of surrounding tissue over fracture rib. You should consult Chest Specialist or Interventional Pain Specialist to evaluate the cause of pain. The treatment option depends on cause of pain.

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  • Rib Pain and Rib Muscle Pain Treatment and Recovery Period

Any type of pain or discomfort occur in the ribs are generally referred as rib pain. Ribs are extensive, lean bones that curve around the chest to make the rib cage. Rib pain might occur in any age and its symptom varies ranging from mild to very serious. It can cause osteoporosis, broken ribs, pleurisy or bone cancer. Only a thorough diagnostics can determine whether you have injury in rib or not. You should seek good medical care before they cause severe health problems.

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