How To Treat And Prevent Tension Headaches Naturally?

I am a 35 year IT professional suffering from tension headache since long time. I have tried several medicinal treatment but in vain. Are there any alternative treatment to cure my tension headache or ways to prevent tension headache. Please help me as it is hampering my professional life.
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Tension headache which also goes by the name of tension type headache is one of the most common types of headaches causing a mild to a moderate and dull kind of achy pain. The pain is like a tight band around the head or in some specific areas such as back of neck or base of skull. The symptoms associated includes tenderness in the neck, scalp, shoulder. Other symptoms include fatigue, insomnia and irritability.

Prevent Tension Headaches Naturally

Factors triggering tension headaches might include stress, irregular sleep routine, anxiety, skipping meals, certain medications, poor posture, uncomfortable body position for long time, grinding teeth, physically inactive, and depression.

Natural Remedies For Tension Headache

There are many popular complementary as well as alternative therapies for people with tension headaches.

Avoid Tension Headache With Cayenne: A spicy herb like cayenne may sound scary for treating tension headache but in the world of natural therapy it is considered as a wonder herb to treat pains and inflammation. Studies have proven this, the first one being carried out way back in the year 1998 in the “Clinical Journal of Pain”, which revealed topical application of it to be effective for tension headache.

All you need is…

1/4th tsp of powdered cayenne

4 ounce of luke warm water

Cotton swabs

Dilute the cayenne powder with the warm water. Soak in the cotton swabs for sometime in the solution making sure that it is covered and wait for some time till the powder sink to the bottom. Apply using the moist swab inside each nostril. You will feel a burning sensation which is an indication that the solution is working. When it subsides, your headache too will subside later or may be even before.

Get Nutty To Get Rid Of Tension Headaches: Toss some almonds instead of popping in some headache pills when you get tension headache. For common tension type headaches, almonds can be a good natural remedy and even better than other medicines. It contains a substance called salicin which also happens to be an agent in some popular OTC pills. A handful or 2 of almonds when the pain starts.

Note: It is a trigger food for migraine patients.

Apple Cider Vinegar Compress For That Throbbing Tension Headache: All you will need is…

1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar

Almost 3 cups of hot boiling water

A cup of fresh water.

In a large bowl pour the apple cider vinegar and fill it halfway with the hot boiling water. Using a towel to cover your head drape over the bowl so that you are able to trap the steam and inhale the hot steam and exhale it for about 5-10 minutes, keep some distance to avoid too much of heat. Pat dry your face when you are done and drink 1 glass of fresh water.

Magic of Peppermint Oil to Treat Tension Headache: Topical application of peppermint oil gives a soothing effect when suffering from tension headache. Apply and massage peppermint oil on your temple, back of your jaw and also forehead when you suffer from tension headache. You will feel relieved upon its application. Deep breathing and a quiet place for relaxing works wonder along with it. Sip cool water.

Note: People with sensitive skin should dilute it with olive oil or with water.

Ways To Prevent Tension Headache

Eating at regular intervals also reduce tension headaches as going without food for long hours does trigger headaches.

Exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming or some aerobic exercises are great stress-relievers and helps reduce tension headaches too.

Yoga helps release stress, makes you stay focussed, helps you ease tensions, and also helps you ease the tension headaches. Set aside few minutes daily to practice yoga regularly, few moves of yoga and stop headaches even before they can start.

Deep breathe that starts at the diaphragm and help fill the lungs can be helpful to prevent tension headaches. Make conscious effort to breathe deep and full. This will enable fresh oxygen circulation through the blood helping relax the mind and body.

Wearing mouth guard before going to bed at night might be helpful if you have grinding or clenching of teeth when asleep during tension headache.

Give a shot to these remedies and prevention measures and you will end up saving yourself from tension headache in future too.

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