Helping Others Manage Pain : 5 Careers For Empathetic People

Being in pain can affect all areas of life, making even the simplest of tasks feel impossible. Even if you’ve never experienced chronic pain yourself, it is easy to understand how debilitating it could be. If you want a career that can really help people, then looking for options that let you help others can be an excellent career choice.

There are many ways you could do this, ranging from careers in the healthcare field to fitness and wellness jobs. You should play to your strengths and ensure that the career you choose is one you’ll have passion for and will enjoy for the long term.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has a huge number of benefits for the body and mind and can be an incredible tool to use to manage pain. As a yoga instructor, you’ll need comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the different yoga practices, including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and restorative yoga. If you work with people who are experiencing pain, you may need to offer one-to-one sessions to ensure that your yoga practice suits their individual needs. It is also a good idea to provide lessons in gentle forms of yoga, such as seated and beginner yoga.

Massage Therapist

Everyone knows that a good massage can do wonders for the tension we hold in our bodies. It can also help alleviate stress and promote healthy recovery from injury. Becoming a massage therapist can be an excellent way to help others manage their pain. You’ll need a qualification to provide the type of massage you’re interested in, whether it is deep tissue massage, sports massage or Swedish massage.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer works with individual clients to help them become stronger and fitter. Many people don’t realise that personal trainers aren’t just there to help you get buff and beach-ready – they can be invaluable to help you manage pain and physical conditions that impact mobility. To become a personal trainer who can help people manage their pain, you’ll need a recognised qualification in personal training and additional training to help you understand how to help people with different types of pain. Study Active have some excellent options that could be ideal for anyone wanting to help others.


Therapy can be a valuable and crucial tool for people who are experiencing pain. Pain can be mental or physical, and often one will lead to the other. As a therapist, you’ll be able to help clients work through their mental or emotional issues that could be causing them pain. You will also be able to work with clients who are struggling mentally as a result of chronic physical pain. There are different types of therapy and counselling, so it is worth looking into the style that suits you best. You’ll need qualifications, usually a degree in a relevant subject, along with regular top-up training.


Becoming a chiropractor can allow you to work with clients to help identify the areas that are causing them pain and use techniques to help treat any issues. You will use chiropractic techniques to manipulate and move the client’s body to help relieve tension with the goal of reducing or eliminating pain. For this role, you’ll need a degree in the subject and will be required to register with the General Chiropractic Council.


Helping others to manage their pain can be a fulfilling and rewarding career path to choose. Whatever you decide to do, it is vital to choose the best training and explore all options to help you become the best you can be in your career. It can often be tough for empathetic people working in an office job or traditional nine-to-five role to feel fulfilled. Finding a career that directly benefits others can be the best possible way to ensure you feel happy and enriched by your career.