5 Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Millions of workers across the world are injured while at work each year. While some injuries are minor and heal quickly, others can cause long-term health issues or even death. No matter the injury’s seriousness, it is crucial to be aware of the different types of workplace injuries so you can avoid them. Here are five of them:

Common Types of Workplace Injuries
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1.  Musculoskeletal Injuries

This type of injury includes sprains, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, back injury, tendonitis, neck pain, and other conditions that affect muscles and joints. They can result from heavy manual labor and light duties such as data entry or staying seated for long periods. Companies should take proactive steps to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace by providing ergonomic workspaces to encourage physical movement and adding breaks throughout the workday to allow employees to rest their muscles.

2.  Slips and Falls

Slip-and-fall accidents are common workplace injuries that may cause long-term medical issues such as back pain or spinal cord damage. Slips and falls occur when workers do not pay attention to their surroundings or work on uneven surfaces or wet conditions. To prevent slips and falls in the workplace, employers should ensure that all surfaces are clear of debris, wet floors are marked with caution signs, ladders are properly secured, and workers have access to non-slip shoes.

3.  Chemical Burns 

Chemical burns can be caused by potential risks like chemical spills or when dangerous products come in contact with the skin. In some cases, respiratory damage can also occur due to inhalation of hazardous fumes. Careful handling of these materials is crucial. It’s vital that everyone in the workplace receives proper safety training and takes necessary precautions while working around such hazardous items.

Unfortunately, chemical burns can happen unexpectedly; even the most vigilant workers can be left with serious medical complications if exposed to hazardous chemicals. If a workplace chemical burn does occur, victims may consider working with a professional oil field accident lawyer. A lawyer can help them evaluate their legal options and seek financial compensation for their resulting medical bills and lost wages.

4.  Fire and Explosions

Fires and explosions present a unique set of dangers to workplaces that could result in serious injury or even death. A fire can occur due to many factors, such as faulty electrical wiring, design deficiencies, lamps, and improper use of flammable materials. The gaseous explosions caused by hazardous chemicals like chlorine or petroleum products are even more dangerous. Depending on their size, these types of explosions can cause burns, lacerations, chemical poisoning, hearing loss, concussive forces, or fractures. Preventative measures should be taken, such as installing fire suppression systems, proper ventilation, and adhering to hazardous material regulations.

5.  Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries occur when workers attempt tasks that require more effort than they can safely do. Examples include lifting heavy objects without proper support or lifting too much weight. Employers should provide workers with adequate training on lifting heavy objects safely and how much weight they can comfortably handle without risking injury. Additionally, employers should provide tools such as dollies or forklifts to help with heavy lifting tasks whenever possible.

It’s important for employers and employees alike to know about these five common types of workplace injury so they can take steps toward preventing them before it’s too late. Proper training is essential when avoiding these types of accidents, but having access to proper safety equipment, such as protective clothing and gear, is vital.