8 Major Causes of Shoulder Pain-

  1. Trauma
  2. Arthritis
  3. Shoulder Joint Sprain
  4. Frozen Shoulder
  5. Tendonitis
  6. Bursitis
  7. Rotator Cuff Impingement
  8. Posterior Joint Capsule Contracture.

1. Trauma-

Trauma is Caused by-

  • Auto Accident
  • Work Accident
  • Slip And Fall On Slippery Surface
  • Domestic Injury

These Accidents/Injuries Can Result in-

a. Tendon Tear

b. Rotator Cuff Tear

c. Fracture of Shoulder Joint-

Shoulder Joint Fracture Includes Fracture of the following Bones-

  • Humerus
  • Scapula (Glenoid Cavity)
  • Acromion
  • Clavicle Close to the Acromio-Clavicular Joint.

d. Dislocation Of Shoulder Joint-

Shoulder Joint Dislocation Is Separation Of Humerus In one of the following Direction-

  • Anterior
  • Posterior
  • Inferior
  • Superior

e. Labral Tear-

Tear Of The Rim Is Known As Labral Tear

3. Shoulder Joint Sprain

Shoulder Joint Sprain Is Caused By-

  • Ligamental Tear
  • Inflammation Of The Ligament
  • Inflammation Of Shoulder Joint Capsule
  • Partial Or Complete Tear Of The Ligament

4. Frozen Shoulder

  • Frozen Shoulder is Caused by Inflamed Shoulder Joint Capsule.
  • Leads to severe Joint Movement Restriction
  • Extremely Stiff Joint
  • It is triggered By Systemic Disorders.

5. Shoulder Tendonitis

  • Tendonitis Is Inflammatory Condition Of Tendon.
  • Tendonitis May Result From Tendon Injury. Tendon Injury Causes Laceration, Partial Tear Or Complete Tear Of Tendon.
  • Tendonitis Is Also Often Seen With Degenerative Joint Disease.

6. Shoulder Bursitis

  • Inflammation Of Bursa Is Known As Bursitis.
  • Bursitis Causes Severe Pain With Joint Movement As Well As Movements Of Tendon And Ligament. Inflammation Stimulates Sensory Nerve Fibers Resulting In Severe Pain.

7. Rotator Cuff Impingement

  • Rotator Cuff Impingement Is Caused By Squeezed Of The Rotator Cuff During Upper Arm Abduction At Shoulder Joint.
  • Rotator Cuff Impingement May Result In Bursitis And Tendonitis When Bursa Or Tendon Is Part Of The Pinch.

8. Posterior Joint Capsule Contracture

Inflammation and Thickening of the shoulder capsule.



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