For the Ankle Joint Ligament Injury to heal completely and in the fastest possible time it is imperative to do the following exercises diligently. Post ankle joint ligament injury, there is substantial swelling and reduced range of motion of the ankle.

Some of the Exercises for early recovery from Ankle Joint Ligament Injury are:

  1. Seated Balance Board Exercise For Early Recovery From Ankle Joint Ligament Injury
  2. Active Ankle Mobility Exercise
  3. Active Mobility Exercises
  4. Standing Calf Stretch
  5. Standing Soleus Stretch
  6. Strengthening Exercises
  7. Ankle Plantar Flexion
  8. Dorsiflexor Strengthening
  9. Inversion or Eversion Balance Exercises
  10. Resisted Eccentric Inversion Exercise
  11. Calf Raise
  12. Lunge Exercise
  13. Walking Calf Raise
  14. Step Back Exercise
  15. Hopping
  16. Resistance Band Jump
  17. Box Jumps
  18. Sports Specific Drill.
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