• Sway back or arched back is one of the many types of posture problems. Sway back is an abnormal curvature in the lower back. How to fix sway back posture is a million dollar question, which many people suffering from it would like to know the answer.
  • A sway back is an over curvature usually in the upper lumbar spine. It is normally the result of trying to “sit up straight,” or “stand up straight” in a sustained way. Sometimes arched back is the result of modern activities like misguided forms of yoga or exercise, gymnastics, or ice-skating.
  • The traditional way to correct a sway back or arched back is to tuck the pelvis, but this causes as many problems as it solves arched back. Tucking the pelvis also compromises the wedge-shaped L5-S1 disc. It may arise more serious L5-S1 disc herniation problems in later life.
  • You should remember that to correct sway back is not a one-time affair. You should follow healthy ergonomic ways at work station, home, and in every other activities of daily living. Here we provide you with some exercises to fix sway back or arched back.

Exercises To Fix Sway Back or Arched Back

  1. Release The Tight Muscles exercises to correct arched back

  2. Strengthen Your Abdominals

    1. Planks Braced Marching exercise to fix sway back

    2. Bird Dog

    3. A Dead Bug exercise to correct sway back: a) Leg Drop (Bent Knee) b) Alternate Arm/Leg Drop

  3. Stretches for Your Back to correct sway back or arched back

  4. Strengthen your Glute Muscles

  5. Know How To Breathe Properly exercise to fix sway back



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