• Anesthesia is given to the hernia area.
  • Skin incision is made above the hernia area.
  • Muscles layer of the abdominal wall are dissected to access the hernia site.
  • Another incision is made to dissect the hernia defect in the inguinal canal which reveals the hernia and/or hernia sac, which is the peritoneum that lines the inside of the abdomen.
  • Hernia sac bag content is pushed into the abdomen carefully or dissects the content free from the hernia sac and returns them back into the abdomen.
  • Hernia sac and hernia defect in inguinal canal are closed with suture and mesh patch is placed which help to reinforce the hernia defect.
  • Defect or weakness in the muscle and tissues are repaired to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.
  • Muscle layer, other tissues and skin is closed with suture.

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