Nourishing Growth: Top Foods to Support Kid's Weight Gain


Butter, if taken in moderation, is good for health. Most of the butter sold under reputed brands is rich source of good fat and can help in weight gain in children

Dairy Butter

These are rich source of unsaturated proteins and fats which help in weight gain in children.

Nut Butter

Milk and Cream

Breast milk is the best source of fat and other required nutrients, until the child is being only breast fed.


It is one of the richest sources of protein. Eggs also contain vitamin A and vitamin B12, which are required for growth and overall development of the child.


Banana is known to provide energy. One whole banana contains about 105 calories. They provide healthy fat and required carbohydrate to the body.


Avocados are a great choice of fruit for kids for weight gain or for under-weight children


Chicken provides protein which is required for building muscles and can be excellent choice of food for kids for weight gain.


Besides being a rich source of carbohydrate, potatoes are a rich source of amino acids, arginine and glutamine

Lean Red Meat

Red meat such as lamb or beef is a good source of fat and can be one of the best food for kids for weight gain.

Tropical Fruits

It is very important to include a good portion of fruits and vegetables in a child’s diet.

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