Aging Accelerators: 9 Foods and Beverages to Avoid


A person, who consumes excessive sugar, is prone to age faster as it triggers a process which affects the skin collagen, causes tooth decay and discoloration.


Alcohol causes sleep deprivation as it dehydrates the body. Insufficient sleep also causes wrinkles, pigmentation and reduces elasticity of the skin.



Caffeine, like any other diuretic, makes you visit the washroom frequently, so it deprives the body of moisture.

White Wine

White wine stains the teeth and damages the enamel. You should never brush your teeth immediately after drinking any acidic drink like white wine.

Processed Food/Meat

Processed foods have always been the most harmful to the body. Meats like bacon and vienna sausage have preservatives like sulfites. These preservatives trigger skin inflammation while accelerating the aging process.


Trans-fats are not only harmful for the heart, but they also cause our skin to age and promote inflammation. The skin becomes more vulnerable to UV rays and the fluidity of the cells reduces.

Spicy Food

Spicy food is known to aggravate rosacea, also known as blotches. During menopause, the blood vessels are more reactive and spicy food can do some damage during this time

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks provide you with the energy while causing your teeth to age. An energy drink should be consumed using a straw, so that the contact with the teeth can be minimized

Sugar Based Lemon Juice

Experts state that lemonade has damaging effects on the teeth. It is important to drink some water after you drink the lemonade.

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