4 Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Mid-day sun exposure, stress and smoking are not the only factors that cause aging. According to different studies, a lot of food items contain components which have the capacity to boost the aging process. Aging appears not only on the skin, but also on teeth and body.

4 Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

4 Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Below are given top 4+ foods and drinks that make you age faster:


A person, who consumes excessive sugar, is prone to age faster as it triggers a process which affects the skin collagen, causes tooth decay and discoloration. Sugar also makes a person fat and wrinkled. The skin becomes less flexible and dehydrated as well.

Sugar-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster


When our liver functions properly, toxins which can affect the skin are expelled from the body. But if there is a toxin build-up in the body and it is not properly broken down, it can cause skin issues like acne, wrinkles and sallowness. Alcohol causes sleep deprivation as it dehydrates the body. Insufficient sleep also causes wrinkles, pigmentation and reduces elasticity of the skin. Due to alcohol consumption, our body gets deprived of vitamins A, B, and C which are vital for healthy skin. It also causes a depletion of magnesium and zinc along with fatty acids and ultimately results in premature aging. It also slows down metabolism and not good for heart health.

Alcohol-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster


Caffeine, like any other diuretic, makes you visit the washroom frequently, so it deprives the body of moisture. When something dehydrates the body, it dehydrates the skin and makes you look aged and dull. Caffeine, apart from dehydrating the body, also damages the teeth. The acidic beverage creates pores on the surface of the enamel. With time, it may cause teeth erosion. This beverage has a lot of positive effects on the body, so it is not practical to completely avoid caffeine. It is suggested to wash the mouth with water after the consumption of coffee as it neutralizes the acid.

Caffeine-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

White Wine

White wine stains the teeth and damages the enamel. You should never brush your teeth immediately after drinking any acidic drink like white wine. Brushing on already acidic teeth causes erosion of teeth. After the acidic beverage, the teeth needs time to re-mineralize before they can be brushed. Ideally, you should wait for an hour to brush your teeth after wine consumption.

White Wine-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Processed Food/Meat

Processed foods have always been the most harmful to the body. Meats like bacon and vienna sausage have preservatives like sulfites. These preservatives trigger skin inflammation while accelerating the aging process. They also have a large quantity of salt. Fast foods like potato chips, hot dogs etc. are usually deprived of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants and are high in bad fats and salt which promote aging. Canned foods are usually high in sodium, which results in inflammation.

Processed Food/Meat-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster


Trans-fats are not only harmful for the heart, but they also cause our skin to age and promote inflammation. The skin becomes more vulnerable to UV rays and the fluidity of the cells reduces. Products which have hydrogenated oil on the label should be avoided. It is commonly found in biscuits and deep fried foods.

Trans-fats-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Spicy Food

Spicy food is known to aggravate rosacea, also known as blotches. During menopause, the blood vessels are more reactive and spicy food can do some damage during this time. It is recommended not to have spicy food as it can cause spider veins, redness and puffiness on skin.

Spicy Food-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks provide you with the energy while causing your teeth to age. An energy drink should be consumed using a straw, so that the contact with the teeth can be minimized.

Energy Drinks-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

Sugar Based Lemon Juice

Experts state that lemonade has damaging effects on the teeth. It is important to drink some water after you drink the lemonade. It is also important to wait for an hour before you can brush your teeth. By avoiding sugar to the lemon juice, it is possible to avoid tooth plaque.

Sugar Based Lemon Juice-Foods & Drinks that Make You Age Faster

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