Eat Like a Star: Achieve a Toned Tummy Like Shah Rukh Khan


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Soluble fiber is a powerful natural appetite suppressant, you are more likely to consume less calorie intak


Fish is good for weight loss, because it has most of the good fats and very little calories.



Oatmeal can help you in your diligent efforts to lose weight, because it will help you feel full longer than other foods.


Eating just one portion of pulses a day helps in weight loss by making you feel fuller and also reduces “bad” cholesterol.


It has proven ability to lower cholesterol, quell hunger pangs and even reduce belly fat, and the avocado is arguably one of few perfect foods to lose belly or tummy fat.

Sunflower Seeds

They are packed with essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals such as folate, vitamin E and copper.


The nuts offer a great balance of healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids that provide essential nutrients, which are shown to protect your heart and lower triglycerides.

Black Pepper

A study shows that black pepper contains piperine, which prevents fat cell differentiation, enhances fat metabolism, and increases the bioavailability of nutrients.


The vegetables which contain fiber, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins can flatten your belly fast.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C in citrus fruits will enhance the metabolism, which can have a dramatic effect on flattening your belly or tummy.

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