Fueling Up Like Tiger Shroff: Pre-Workout Snacks for Muscular Gains

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By:  ePainassist.com

Take one or two boiled eggs along with one slice of brown bread before an hour of workout

Boiled Eggs And Bread

Try out half cup of cooked oats along with one tablespoon dry fruits and peeled almonds.

Dressed Up Oats

Protein Creamicle

Add one scoop of vanilla whey protein powder in one cup of orange juice and add ice to it.

Oats And Egg Meal

Cook oatmeal along with two eggs and salt & pepper to make a healthy pre-workout diet for muscle building

Turk-Cado Pasta

3-4 avocado slices along with 2-3 roasted turkey is to be added to a half cup cooked whole wheat pasta.

Veggie Omelet

Take one cup of sautéed seasonal veggies cooked with water and add them to two eggs for a healthy pre-workout diet for muscle building

Fruit And Cottage

Blend half cup of cottage cheese that is rich in protein but lack excess of calories, with the some fruits like pineapples, berries etc

Hearty Salads

If you are looking for some greens; go for hearty salads before workout.

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