Pre and Post Workout Diet for Muscle Building

Somebody has rightly said somewhere, “Make muscles not excuses!” There are people who run after their constant, hard and strict routine of muscle building workouts and there are people who make excuses every single day for not being in to workouts. For all those winners who work hard for growing their strength and building their muscles, what the best concern is “The food you eat”. There is a saying, “Train mean and eat clean!” For people who push hard on bodybuilding exercises, it is highly essential to keep a check on the pre and post workout diets for having the best results from the training session. This current article will focus on the pre and the post workout diet for muscle building. Hope this proves beneficial to people looking for it.

Pre and Post Workout Diet for Muscle Building

Importance Of Proper Diet And Nutrition In Muscle Building

“Putting time and effort on gym and working out for growing body muscles keep enough worth than simply wishing for it.” However in doing so what keeps the most importance is the diet, the nutrition you take. Maybe it is about the pre workout diet or the post workout diet, it must be kept in mind that proper nutrition and healthy diet is highly essential for enhancing the performance and helping the body in its post workout recovery. It is highly crucial to know and take the right amount of protein, fat, calories and carbohydrates each day so as to accomplish your perfect goal of building muscles. There are people who worry if it is okay enough to have pre-workout diets. Well! The fact is it is highly important as it works as the fuel in supplying energy while undergoing the workouts for muscle building. This in fact helps in maximizing the performance. A post-workout diet is essential for a healthy recovery after the workout session. The food taken after workout acts as the fuel in the post workout recovery process.

In the following array of the article we will be studying about the diets which are recommended to take before and after workouts in muscle building.

The Pre-Workout Diets For Muscle Building

The Pre-Workout Diets For Muscle Building:

As mentioned earlier, pre-workout diets are important because they help in providing the strength while training the muscles hard and also enhances the performance. Thus the absolute results from muscle building workouts are linked with the diet taken before the workout. Here are some of the pre-workout diets presented below. But prior to that, let us make a brief note on our primary aim of pre-workout diet and the key to reach the goal.

So, Our Primary Idea Behind Pre-Workout Diet Is:

  • Reduce the muscle protein breakdown
  • Lower the muscle glycogen depletion
  • Reduce the cortisol level after workouts.

Now, there must be a sure shot temptation growing in you to know about the key secret in achieving this goal in the pre-workout diet. So, all you need to do is know the fact that your body require two crucial things in diet before workouts. They are the carbohydrates and the proteins. It is essential to take significant amount of proteins and carbohydrates in the diets taken before workouts. This would help achieve your goal to its best.

Suggested Range Of Proteins And Carbohydrates In Pre-Workout Diet For Muscle Building:

It is suggested for men to take about 25-45 grams of protein and 30-45 grams of complex carbohydrates before the workout session. For women the optimal range of proteins before workout is 15-25 grams and that of complex carbohydrates in pre-workout diet is 20-30 grams.

Right Time To Take The Pre-Workout Diets For Muscle Building:

It is essential to take enough solid carbohydrates and proteins 2-4 hours before workout in meal and take liquid or semi-solid carbohydrates and protein diets 30 minutes before the workout.

Here comes the real stuff! Let us below check about some of the pre-workout diets for muscle building.

  • Complex carbohydrates to be taken before 2-4 hours of workout as pre-workout diet
  • Complex carbohydrates are the ones which are made of three or more sugar molecules which are rich in vitamin, minerals and fiber. Sweet potato, oats, broccoli, spinach, whole grains etc contain the complex carbohydrates and which can be taken in the meal 2-4 hours before workout.
  • Simple carbohydrates are easier to digest and are made of one or two sugar molecules. These are present mainly in soda, candy, processed cereals, fruit juice etc. Simple carbohydrates can be taken 30 minutes to one hour before workout
  • Proteins are also advised to be taken along with the carbohydrates before 30 minutes of the workout. You can take egg whites, or a cup of milk, banana etc as the protein source in the pre-workout diet. A protein shake made of 2 egg whites, half a banana, cinnamon, handful of ice along with a cup of water or milk can prove beneficial before workout. Other protein sources include fish, chicken breasts etc.

Some Of The Pre-Workout Snacks Ideas For Muscle Building:

  1. Boiled Eggs And Bread: Take one or two boiled eggs along with one slice of brown bread before an hour of workout. This is off course a healthy source of protein diet essential while exercising.
  2. Dressed Up Oats: Want to have some healthy source of carbohydrates before your workout for muscle building? Try out half cup of cooked oats along with one tablespoon dry fruits and peeled almonds.
  3. Protein Creamicle: Sometimes it is good to try out the kids’ taste! Add one scoop of vanilla whey protein powder in one cup of orange juice and add ice to it. Take this before workout for having essential protein required while exercising.
  4. Oats And Egg Meal: Cook oatmeal along with two eggs and salt & pepper to make a healthy pre-workout diet for muscle building
  5. Turk-Cado Pasta: How about trying something different and healthy before workout? 3-4 avocado slices along with 2-3 roasted turkey is to be added to a half cup cooked whole wheat pasta. This would give the essential nutrients necessary before workout.
  6. Veggie Omelet: Take one cup of sautéed seasonal veggies cooked with water and add them to two eggs for a healthy pre-workout diet for muscle building
  7. Fruit And Cottage: Blend half cup of cottage cheese that is rich in protein but lack excess of calories, with the some fruits like pineapples, berries etc.
  8. Hearty Salads: If you are looking for some greens; go for hearty salads before workout. Try one cup salad green with assorted veggie and add vinegar to it. This would be an effective stuff for eating before workout

Post-Workout Diet For Muscle Building

Post-Workout Diet For Muscle Building:

“Recovery requires good intension to build the strength to be someone different from the past which required the treatment”. This is a mere thought with strong intensions for the people who are into workouts for muscle building. It is highly essential to lay emphasis on the post workout recovery for muscle building and the post-workout diet plays its highest role in recovery and getting the best result of workout for muscle building. Now, let us know about some of the beneficial post-workout diet for muscle building. Before that, again here is what we need to know.

Our Aim Here In Post-Workout Diets For Muscle Building Is:

  • Reduce the breakdown of muscle protein caused by the exercises.
  • Reduce the muscle soreness and fatigue and have an effective post workout recovery
  • Increase the protein synthesis in the muscle after workouts
  • Reduce the level of cortisol after workout
  • Replenish the level of muscle glycogen that was depleted during the workout.

Now, here comes the key to do it and the key is the same as that required in the pre-workout diets. Yes! You need to take enough of proteins and carbohydrates in the post-workout diets so as to achieve your perfect aim of muscle building.

Suggested Range Of Proteins And Vitamins In The Post-Workout Diets For Muscle Building:

The suggested range of protein for men after the workout for muscle building is 30-45 grams and for men it is 20-35 grams. It is essential for both men and women to take significant amount of simple as well as complex carbohydrates after the workout session.

Absolute Time To Take The Post-Workout Diet For Muscle Building:

It is recommended to take the essential diets immediately after your workout.

Check out some of the important post-workout diets for muscle building and feed your body what it requires at most after the workout session.

Some Healthy Post-Workout Snacks Ideas For Muscle Building:

  1. Sweet Potato Pie Shake: This is one of the best snack ideas to take after workout. Add one scoop of cinnamon bun whey protein with 1/4th cup of diced sweet potato, one cup of vanilla and almond milk and one cup of ice to prepare the sweet potato pie shake.
  2. Apples And Cheese: Why not try something great for your taste buds that proves healthy for your body and muscle building? Take some cheese with well sliced apples after workout for muscle building. This is a good post-workout diet.
  3. Milk And Cereal: Milk along with cereal is a perfect post-workout diet. Add one cup of whole grain cereal to one cup of low fat milk and take it after workout.
  4. Chocolate Milk: Isn’t it a real great idea to have chocolate in your diet? Well! Take one or two cups of chocolate milk immediately after workout and look for the benefits.
  5. Chicken Hash: Chicken hash is one more healthy diet to be taken after workout. Take one cup diced chicken, half cup butternut squash and apple and roast them with olive oil along with salt and pepper.
  6. Black Bean Omelette: This is one more lovely post-workout diet idea. Add four egg whites in one ounce low fat cheese and ¼ cup black bean and slice it up with a slavery salsa.
  7. Butter, Raisin And Brown Bread: Brown bread and peanut butter over it along with raisin is one of the healthiest snack ideas to be taken after workout.
  8. Energy Drink: There are energy drinks or the sports drinks available which provide enough of carbohydrates to refuel your body after workout.

Now these were some of the healthy pre and post workout diets for muscle building which can be taken before and after your exercise for having the best results in muscle building.

Go; focus on the fat loss and muscle gain! “Push hard and results will follow.”

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