Sculpting a Body like Salman Khan: Muscle-Gaining Foods Revealed


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Quinoa is one of the richest sources of protein, especially for those men who are vegetarian by choice and intend to gain muscle mass.


If you are a serious bodybuilder and are looking to gain muscle mass, then cottage cheese must be included in your top 10 muscle foods for men.

Cottage Cheese


This too is a plant-based food which is high in protein and one of the smartest muscle building foods for men.


Soy is available in several forms, some of which are soy milk, tofu or edamame. One must add soy to their diet if they want to gain muscle mass.


Being an animal food, milk boasts of all the essential amino acids without too much fat. For best results, drink 2 glasses of skimmed milk every day.


Eggs are an essential dietary component for those men who wish to grow muscles quickly.


The staple of muscle-building food is undoubtedly our very own chicken.


No food can compete with fish when it comes to choosing muscle foods for men.


Oysters is a super specialty item when it comes to choosing good muscle foods for men.

Lean Ground Beef

Lean ground beef is a type of red meat which is a great source of protein and is thereby good for muscle growth.

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