Welcome to ePainAssist. As the name itself suggests we are here to assist you regarding everything about pain, its types, causes, origin, classification, associated symptoms, investigations, pathophysiology, treatment and remedial measures which will aid in relieving pain. BUT, do not get misguided…. ePainAssist is so much more than information regarding pain…we also provide quality health information on various diseases and medical conditions, alternative therapies, different medications and have articles covering latest medical information. Our website stands out from other medical websites plaguing the internet by providing you with engaging quality content in a visually appealing manner.


Please bear this in mind that our website is not meant to replace the actual visit to your physician or the ER; nor is it for self treatment. Our aim is to increase awareness regarding the various diseases and medical conditions afflicting the human life. We want to increase patient/readers' knowledge and help them better understand their medical problems, it's symptoms and various treatment options available, so that the reader or the patient can have a better understanding of their or other family member's situation and this will lead to a better rapport and understanding with their physician(s).

About Us-ePainAssist.com

Our Aim

Our aim is to provides accurate medical information to our readers, in an interesting manner, to increase their knowledge bank and to educate the readers as much as possible about various health issues which are pervading our world.

Our objective is to increase consciousness in the readers around this world regarding their health, medical issues and try to prevent diseases by following a healthy lifestyle. We do this by providing objective and significant medical information for readers who are desperately trying to find answers for their questions.

Quality Content

We are extremely quality conscious and are devoted in providing the most accurate and the best quality of medical information in an easy and understandable language. Not only that, we have many videos and images to help you better understand the medical problems and exercises which we have provided. All the content is original to its highest degree and is produced by professional and extremely skilled writers who are trained in searching and writing medical information of exceedingly high caliber, which we are sure you will find out as you go through our website. We also get our information/articles/topics regularly assessed by board certified health professionals, so that we can deliver you precise medical facts.

What We Have Covered

You will be surprised at the wide array of information which we have covered. We have not restricted ourselves to only one dimension of the intriguing world of medicine. We have covered lots of other things, such as alternative therapies, which can be beneficial in some conditions and for some patients. We provide reliable and trustworthy information about various pains we suffer in our daily life in our Pain Information Center. The users can Blog about their medical problems and can find communities on our site through which they can associate themselves with people who are facing similar health problems. We have different articles covering lots of interesting topics, which even the most, not so medically inclined, readers can find easy to read and understand. We have tried to answer lots of questions posed by different patients from all ages, ethnicity and background in our Q and A section. We have a separate section to cover the various medications used for different treatments. There is also a section devoted to various injuries where you can read about sports, as well as work related injuries. We also believe in the concept of a "picture is worth than thousand words" and have provided with guided imagery and videos to help our readers better understand the diverse medical problems which we have covered.

We are confident that you will love our website and find it extremely useful, as well as informative. We also hope that you will continue supporting us in our endeavors of providing you with accurate and easy to understand information about the world of medicine. We promise to always deliver credible medical information and will continue to update our website with latest medical news, information etc. so that we can make a difference in your life and help you in managing yours and your family's health problems better, to help you in making better health choices and lead a better life.

Who are our Readers

We expect most of our readers are general public. Thus, our articles are written in simple language and we use less of complicated medical terminology. We also restrict link to outside scientific articles that are published in scientific journal and difficult for general public to understand and comprehend. We have several audio and video presentation as well as images for general population that also support description of subject of various articles. We expect general population visiting epainassit.com are individual suffering with pain and suffering as well as various other symptoms that are caused by one of the several diseases. We expect most of our readers are adults. We expect most of readers are children, spouses, siblings and close relatives of someone suffering with mild to severe illnesses looking for answers for pain and suffering their loved ones are experiencing.

We had several request for our images by physicians, medical residents and medical students, who are in academic as well as private practice. We thus expect our reader could be physician, nurses, physician assistant and paramedics. We intend to publish our articles that can be quick abstract kind of reference to our professional reader.

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