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Welcome to our sports injuries section! In this section you will find a load of information regarding various injuries to different body parts which athletes or individuals involved in sports usually suffer from. That is not to say that other people do not have them, but athletes or sports persons are more prone to these injuries, as these sports injuries occur as a result of heavy exertion or rigorous physical activities such as seen in different sports (football, rugby, soccer, wrestling etc.) So, we have vast information on these injuries and their symptoms, causes, types, investigations, treatment and rehabilitation or physical therapy comprising of stretching, strengthening exercises and much more. The latter plays a crucial part in recovery and in regaining back the athlete's previous range of motion, strength, flexibility and stability. Other than this, we have also provided information on massage and taping techniques, which are important in any common sports injury.

We have not confined out treatment methods to any specific one, but have included different types of treatments which can benefit the patients, such as use of medications to massage therapy to physical therapy to surgery etc. We have tried to cover all the different treatment modalities available to a patient, such as conservative treatment like resting, ice and heat application to non-conservative treatment like surgery. Other than treatment modalities, we have also given information on how we can prevent any specific injury. Always remember this; prevention is better than cure any day.

Sports Injuries Information Center: Ankle, Hip, Knee, Back, Wrist, Arm, Neck, Leg, Thigh

Some Of The Common Sports Injuries Which We Have Covered Are:

Please bear this in mind that this website is for information purposes only and is not a substitute to visiting a doctor or a sports injury specialist. Readers are cautioned to always seek medical advice before starting any exercises which we have given. Please consult your doctor or visit the ER if your problem persists despite trying the conservative methods.

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