Editorial Policy

Authors and Editorial Board

The articles are written and edited by Pramod Kerkar MD and Sheetal DeCaria MD. Pramod Kerkar MD and Sheetal DeCaria are board certified anesthesiologist and pain specialist. Pramod Kerkar MD is the Chief Editor and responsible for the site.

Articles and News

Prior to publication over epainassist.com all article, news and blogs are read and corrected if needed by chief editor and / or one of the member of the editorial board.

Subject and content of articles, news and blogs are searched and referred to recent medical literature, published articles in scientific journal, text book chapters and published information by medical societies by all authors. None of the article or news are written to substitute physician evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. Reader is advised to consult physician or visit nearest hospital emergency room for any tolerable or intolerable symptoms and signs.

Submission of articles or news

Painassist Inc does not publish any article, news or blog written by any individual who is not employed or pre-selected by editorial board. The topics are selected by Editorial Board. The written information, analysis and discussion of subject included in article are expression of individual authors. The content, opinion and images do not reflect the official view, opinion, positions or policies of the Painassist Inc and epainassist.com.

Symptom checker

Symptom checker does not give any single accurate diagnosis. The answer often comes out with multiple diagnosis.


Epainassist.com is not a substitute for scientific journal or text book. Articles, news or blog provide references of published scientific data if needed. Most article provides references if article refers to scientific data. Such data are simplified when discussed and expressed in article of epainassist.com.


The Editorial Board has a right to reject the article or change section of the article that is written by approved author. Editorial board of epainassist.com has the options to remove the article after it is published for reason.


Painassist Inc and epainassist.com has exclusive copyright of all article, news and blog as well as video presentation and images. There is no exception, and all information published over epainassist.com is copyright protected and property of Painassist Inc as well as epainassist.com. Thus, PainAssist Inc owns all article published by employee, paid authors and unpaid authors. All authors no exception have agreed and given voluntary approval as verbal or written consent for the written document to be owned by Painassist Inc. Authors have right to refuse and should notify Editorial Board or company CEO or COO disagreement or dispute within agreed time by both parties.

Copy and Paste

PainAssist Inc considers third party or any one copying and / or publishing the part of the article or entire article that was published over epainassist.com as stealing, copying and plagiarism by third party. Such impingement if found then Painassist Inc and epainassist.com will take legal action against the third party or individual, group, web site and domain owner to remove such copy and paste.