30 Foods and Remedies to Keep Cough and Cold at Bay
There are some natural foods and remedies that not help treat cold and cough effectively but also build immunity to keep cough and cold at bay. Let’s have a close glance on it.
5 Fruits Not to Eat if You Plan to Lose Weight
5 fruits that you should not eat in excess if you plan to lose weight include banana, mango, grapes, dry fruits, and avocado.
5 Types of Foods that Increase Red Blood Cells or RBC Count
When the body is not making enough Red Blood Cells or RBCs then eating a diet which helps boost the production of Red Blood Cells or RBCs is the best way to stay healthy. Learn about the 5 types of foods that increase red blood cells or RBC count.
50 Foods to Control Cholesterol Naturally
Several studies have proved that a proper balanced and smart healthy diet full of smart and organic foods can control cholesterol disease naturally. Recommended by the researchers, every individual with or without cholesterol issues should consume 100 gm of fruits and 300 gm of veggies everyday to keep cholesterol at bay. Let’s check out the super list of 50 foods that can verily control and beat cholesterol naturally.
7 Diet Suggestions for Regulating Anxiety Attacks Because of Food
This article throws light on the link between generalized anxiety attack and food, its symptoms and suggested diet for regulating anxiety attacks because of food.
Benefits and Side Effects of Beetroots
Beetroots are traditionally used to treat many diseases and also used as an energy booster for improving athletic performances. Beetroots are also known to be beneficial for eyesight and relaxing your mind. However, there are also some side effects of beetroot, which make the vegetable at times pretty dangerous.
Benefits and Side Effects of Chia Seeds
Know the benefits and side effects of chia seeds. Chia seeds contain eight times more Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon, seven times more vitamin C than oranges, five times more calcium than milk, three times more iron than spinach and two times more potassium than a banana. Chia seeds have numerous benefits but have some side effects too.
Benefits of Azadirachta Indica Leaves or Neem Leaves
General health benefits of Azadirachta indica leaves or Neem leaves are numerous, some of which are it helps in reducing acne, prevents dandruff, and is known to cure wide range of stomach problems. Regular consumption of Azadirachta indica leaves or Neem leaves help in elimination of bad breath, plaque buildup, gum bleeding and gingivitis, thereby maintaining oral health and hygiene. Azadirachta indica leaves or Neem leaves are also a treasure of medicinal properties.
Benefits of Bee Pollen & Its Side Effects
Bee pollen has been considered as one of the most nutritious super-foods. Many people believe that it can cure a number of health problems. This article explains the benefits and side effects of bee pollen.
Benefits of Eating Raw Food
When eating raw foods, the body gets the nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy functioning of the body whereas cooked food loses most of its essential nutrients and are not useful health wise as raw foods are. Know the benefits of eating raw food on skin health, weight loss, digestion etc.
Benefits of Guava Leaves for Hair, Acne and Blood Disorders
Guava leaves are known for their wonderful medicinal benefits to mankind. The leaves of guava fruit contains rich amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-bacterials and also tannins that makes them a rich source of health and nutritional powerhouse. Know the benefits of guava leaves on hair, acne and blood disorders.
Benefits of Jaggery or Gur
Jaggery or Gur is known all around the world for its therapeutic as well as nutritional health benefits. Learn about the benefits of jaggery or gur for skin health, weight loss, digestive, blood and respiratory disorders and muscles and joints.
Benefits of Moringa Tree: Health, Skin, Hair, Medicinal
Commonly known as a miracle tree, Moringa tree truly stands at par with the name in terms of the benefits it provides. Learn about the benefits of moringa tree on health, hair, skin and also the medicinal benefits of moringa tree. Also learn about the side effects of moringa tree.
Benefits of Onion Juice|Health & Medicinal Benefits of Onion Juice
Although onion makes one cry, still onion juice is highly advised to be included in the diet since it has many health, medicinal and nutritional benefits. It is used to treat various medical conditions such as honey bee sting, for improving sleep in case of insomnia, relieves pigmentation problems and prevents hair loss and so forth.
Benefits of Soursop Leaves: Skin, Hair, Gout, Sleep, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Blood Disorders, Hypertension
Fruit, the leaves, the roots and even the bark of the soursop tree has amazing medicinal values. However, the soursop leaves, amongst these, need special attention as they have properties to treat a number of health problems, physical ailments as well as hair and skin troubles. Learn about the benefits of soursop leaves on skin and hair health, promoting sleep, cancer, gout, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, blood disorders, etc.

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