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We have given below some common sports injuries suffered by athletes such as ankle sprain, ankle dislocation, Achilles tendon bursitis, high ankle sprain and Achilles tenosynovitis. We have given a brief summary about the causes, symptoms and treatment of these conditions. To know more about these conditions and other ankle injuries, please visit the complete ankle injuries topics listed on the left side menu which gives you information about the causes, symptoms, treatment and also rehab exercises in great detail.

Ankle Sprain:

Ankle Sprain

This is one of the most common sports injuries to occur. Ankle sprain goes by other names such as twisted ankle, rolled ankle and floppy ankle etc. In ankle sprain, there is injury to the ligaments which hold the ankle bones together. Symptoms comprise of pain, swelling, redness and pain upon weight bearing. Athletes participating in sports where there is a lot of leg movement involved, such as football, basketball, soccer etc., are at a higher risk for developing a sprain in the ankle. Treatment is done according to the severity of the sprain which is divided into different grades. We will take you through the different grades or stages of the sprain and the various methods of treating the sprain.

Ankle Dislocation:

Ankle Dislocation

This is a rare condition where the adjoining bones of the ankle joint become dislocated or lose contact with each other. Dislocation of the ankle is commonly associated with sprain or fracture of the ankle. The athlete feels severe and abrupt pain and is not able to move his/her ankle. There is swelling, tenderness and crookedness of the ankle. Athletes who are careless and get involved in contact sports without wearing ankle supports are at a higher risk for this injury; otherwise this condition is rarely seen, as ankle is a very stable joint. We will take you through the different causes, risk factors and treatment of this condition in the "ankle injuries" section located on the left side menu, along with other ankle injuries commonly occurring in sports.


Achilles Tendon Bursitis:

Achilles Tendon Bursitis

Also known as retrocalcaneal bursitis is a condition where the bursa of the Achilles Tendon is inflamed resulting in pain in the foot. Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa, which occurs through overuse or prolonged trauma. Causes include repeated trauma to the ankle, working out without a proper warm-up, ill-fitting shoes etc. The athlete feels pain in the posterior portion of the heels along with swelling. Treatment comprises of rest, cold therapy, medications, stretching exercises and surgery for severe cases. Go through our section "Achilles Tendon Bursitis" present on the left side menu for more details regarding causes, treatment and various stretching exercises for different muscles such as "gastrocnemius muscle stretch" and "soleus muscle stretch" to help with this condition.

High Ankle Sprain:

High Ankle Sprain

Also known as syndesmotic ankle sprain is a condition where the upper part of the ankle is injured, hence the name "high ankle sprain." It can occur in association with tibia or fibula fracture. Causes include twisting of the ankle outwardly, as seen in highly rigorous sports such as soccer, ice hockey, wrestling etc. The athlete experiences pain upon pressure, weight bearing along with swelling and bruising. Treatment comprises of rest, pain killers, bracing and rehab exercises. Please visit this section "High Ankle Sprain" in the left side menu for more details.

Achilles Tenosynovitis:

Achilles Tenosynovitis

Inflammation with deterioration of the outer sheath of the tendon is known as Achilles Tenosynovitis. This condition is also known as paratenonitis, named so because the external covering of the Achilles tendon is known as paratenon. This is basically an overuse injury caused due to prolonged or repeated stress or injury to the tendon. Runners and triathletes who do not follow proper training techniques commonly suffer from this condition. Symptoms comprise of pain, tenderness, swelling and fever. There are various methods for treating this condition. To know more details of this condition, such as causes, treatment and the difference between "Tendonitis" and "Tenosynovitis" visit our section of "Achilles Tenosynovitis" located on the left side menu.

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