7 Natural Beauty Alternatives For Healthy Looking Skin

Healthy looking skin is primarily dependent on what we eat on a daily basis. How we treat ourselves and what we put into our bodies is to a great extent responsible for how our...

Manicure and Pedicure: Types, Health Benefits and Dangers!

"Manicure is advertising; pedicure is a pleasant surprise!" Clean and well maintained hands and legs are for sure a dream job of most of us. Good looking hands and legs surely make a great...

Is Fluoride Bad for You When Taken on Daily Basis?

Fluoride enters our body through various sources; may it be from drinking water, or other sources like variety of vegetables, fruits etc, processed foods and beverages such as juices, sodas, baby foods etc. We...

Does Cashew Raise Blood Sugar Levels?

Cashews are snacks type of nut, but hold benefits for diabetics or individuals who need to check out their blood glucose levels. The sweet nuts can be cooked, salted, sugared or coated in chocolate....

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