How Effective Are Beta Blockers As First Line Treatments for Hypertension?

The correlation between beta blockers and hypertension can be traced back by decades of years. The first beta blocker was introduced in the year 1960 and ever since then it has changed the game...

How Does Kiwi Benefit Skin?

Kiwi is a tiny fruit with tons of heart-helping and immune-boosting nutrients. Kiwi contains vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that support skin health. How Does Kiwi Benefit Skin? Kiwi is...

How Is Thalassemia Minor Treated?

How Is Thalassemia Minor Treated? If you are a thalassemia minor usually you do not need any treatment. The anemia does not affect your daily activities and you can usually manage without any treatment. You...

Understanding the Five Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Arthritis is today one of the most common ailments afflicting people of all ages. Arthritis commonly affects one or more joints of the body and is associated with pain, stiffness of the joints and...

Biological Effects Caused By Aging

Introduction: Biological Consequences Of Old Age With the accomplishments of biomedical researchers, the life expectancy of the human population has bolstered up. The major factor responsible for the increased survival rates was the improvement of...

What are Winter Allergies, Know Their Symptom, Treatment and Prevention

Most people tend to associate allergies with a change of seasons. The winter season is not typically associated with allergies. However, there are many types of allergies that persist well into and throughout the...

Does Drinking Water Help Heartburn?

When you have burning pain in the chest, you want quick relief. The easiest would be to gulp down some water to relieve the burning sensation. Does drinking water help heartburn? Or does it...

8 Reasons For Bad-Smelling Urine

Normally urine is clear and straw-yellow in color. The odor of urine varies, and usually, it does not have a very strong smell. Smelly urine is not always a cause of concern but sometimes...


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