Painassist Inc provides medical information, news and symptom checker to visitors, guest readers, email members and others through At present Painassist Inc accepts google directed ads on its website Painassist Inc does not choose or direct ads and the subject of ads publish by Google ad. Painassist Inc provides space for advertising according to the advertiser specification. There is no third party or individual sponsor or individual requested advertising over at present, and thus there is no such ad is displayed that is sponsored or displayed by third party or individual businesses over Such ad in future will be reviewed if such request is presented to advertising committee of Painassist Inc.

The guidelines for advertising over are as follows-

  1. Painassist Inc and will not and does not endorsed or support any and all advertised product, content describing product or images shown in ads.
  2. Painassist Inc and will not accept or endorsed ads that contains false opinion, inaccurate information, ads involves illegal subject or object description as well as images display or description of dangerous products.
  3. Painassist Inc and will not display ads describing or showing images of discrimination of any kind example race, religion sexual orientation and disability.
  4. Painassist Inc and does not accept and will not display ads describing product such as firearm, alcohol, harming weapons, tobacco and pornography as well as any other information that is considered harmful to its reader and guest.
  5. provides list of physician. The data is collected from published information available on yellow page, other health related site and publish web data. These list are not sponsored or paid by third party to Painassist Inc. The data is not paid advertise information.
  6. The advertisement section, images and presentation displayed over will be label as “advertisement” or similar words that is accepted by most ecommerce domain.
  7. Painassist Inc and mandate that third party advertiser and sponsor of any or all ads should follow federal and state regulatory guidelines as well as guidelines and suggestions suggested by national organization of all various groups.
  8. Third party advertiser, individual advertiser and sponsor will be directly responsible to comply with all state, federal, county and city laws and regulation. Third party advertiser, individual advertiser and sponsor will be directly responsible to follow all legal guidelines published by organization, society and various board.
  9. The advertising committee will make final decision on acceptance of any advertisement or exhibit.
  10. Painassist Inc and reserves the right not to accept and reject any advertisement or exhibit from third party, any advertiser or sponsor.

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