Cookie Policy

An HTTP cookie are data also known as web cookie, Internet cookie and browser cookie. The cookie data is often sent while browsing from website to user computer. User has option to control the cookie data. The privacy policy is applied if and when any user information if collected or stored.

Why Cookie is used

The data that create cookie can remember user preference during first or repeat single or multiple use. Cookie data allows user to register and remain logged in during multiple user task or single user task. Cookie also allow third party advertisers to display their information.

When Cookie is placed on user computer

Cookie are placed during home page loading or when inner page is picked from search engine. Cookie is also inserted when user clicks on buttons like “Like”, “Follow” or “Continue”.

Location where cookie is placed

Provider websites- Cookies are located at,,,,,, and

User computer- Firefox, Window 10, Google Chrome and internet explorer.

Email- Cookie are also stored in email sent to you.

Types of cookie

Necessary- Essential Cookies are necessary to perform basic functions like register user, open account, pay bills and keep purchase items in carts

Functional- Cookie are known as functional cookie when needed to identify the user and location. Functional cookie allows and authenticate registered user.

Security- Cookie matches stored information with loaded information and if matched then allows further use of software or site.

Analytic- Cookies placed on user computer also helps to collect user date like how many time computer is used and most frequent server or site visited. Some cookies are specific for specific analytic studies.

Advertising- Cookies are used to select the location on page and timing to display the ads. Cookies for advertising are placed by third party. Global advertiser like google, yahoo and others also store cookie on our site as well as user site to monitor clicks as well as visual impression. PainAssist Inc and does not have any say or control of any cookie place by third party or advertiser regarding data collection or confidentiality of information.

Restrict or eliminate Cookies- Readers, Visitors and guest can restrict or eliminate cookies. All browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Fire Fox, internet explorer and any other browser) give instruction how to control or eliminate cookies. Google search or YouTube audiovisual instruction suggests the steps and method to eliminate or restrict use of cookies. Painassist Inc and do not provide any information regarding how to eliminate or restrict cookies.

Modification, Deviation & Changes

PainAssist Inc and reserve the right to change, modify or alter Cookie policy. Please frequently check the cookie policy for changes.


There is no cookies inserted or placed over user computer, mobile and desk top at this time.

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Please contact us for any questions regarding cookies. Check Privacy Police.