Work Accident

12 Most Common Injuries Sustained at Workplace
Some of the most common injuries sustained at workplace includes muscle strains, slips, trips and falls, repetitive strain injuries, crashes and collisions, cuts and lacerations, inhaling toxic fumes, exposure to loud noise etc.
Common Lifting Injuries at Workplace & Role of Work Injury Lawyer to Win you Compensation
Common lifting injuries at workplace includes muscle strain, nerve injury and nerve damage, backaches and injuries, neck injuries, and arm and leg injuries. You need to talk to a work injury lawyer to win you compensation for the loss you suffered at your workplace.
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
What is Occupational Health? This article explains about physical and mechanical hazards, psychological and social hazards and risks of the hazards.
Slips, Trips & Falls: Prevention, Workplace Laws, Claims, Role of Attorney
Know about slips, trips and falls, its causes, prevention, statistics, workplace laws, the right to claim for damages through a personal injury claim, and the role of an attorney in helping you win slips, trips and falls injury claims.
Work Related Skin Disease or Occupational Skin Disease
Work related skin disease or occupational skin disease is caused when the skin comes in direct contact with certain chemicals, or the hands being wet for prolonged periods of time.
Workplace Accident: Consequence on Workers and Type of Injuries
Workplace accident can have a devastating impact on a worker’s life, health and future. Whatever the type of injury a person suffers as a result of occupational accident, making a claim for work injury compensation is always an option.

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