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Click On The Body Part To Identify Your Symptoms And Know The Possible Diagnosis [ disclaimer ]

Symptom Checker Female

Headache? Neck Pain? Chest Pain? Pelvic Pain? Knee Pain? has created symptom checker to give differential diagnosis for your single or multiple pain symptoms. Pain symptom is considered as one of the vital sign. We have divided the symptom checker into 10 sections. Each main section of symptom checker has multiple sub-sections. The main sections of symptom checker is divided as follows:

Based on your location of the pain, please click over appropriate part of body shown over symptom checker 3D image. You will be provided several questionnaires. At the end once you answer all pertaining questions provided by symptom checker you should click on section suggesting “Possible Diagnosis”. The next page will display multiple diagnosis ptovided by symptom checker.

Before getting started:

The symptom checker will not provide you with a single final diagnosis. Symptom checker provides you with a possible list of diseases depending on the answers which you have selected. You should consult your physician immediately for further investigation and diagnosis. Your doctor will eliminate the unrelated conditions and provide you a single diagnosis. Your treatment depends on correct diagnosis.