Benefits of Pilates and How it can Help Overcome Back Pain
Pilates is beneficial for almost everyone irrespective of an individual's age and fitness level. Pilates is beneficial in improving flexibility and mobility of the spine, helps in preventing injuries, improves balance and coordination etc.
Pilates For Weight Loss: 5 Useful Exercises for Beginners, Hundred, Bridge, Single Leg Circles
Learn more about Pilates For Weight Loss: 5 Useful Exercises for Beginners including The Hundred, Bridge, Spine Stretch Forward, Single Leg Circles, Plank/Front Support.
Pilates vs. Yoga:Is Pilates More Beneficial Than Yoga? Comparison, Benefits
Yoga and Pilates have some similarities between them such as both the methods concentrate on working both your mind and body and emphasize on breathing and relaxing. Compare yoga vs. pilates in terms of healthy heart, weight loss, flexibility and body strength.
Various Pilates Stretches and Exercises For Flexibility
This article explains about how Pilates can improve flexibility in the joints and all the length in the muscles. Know the different exercises and stretches of pilates that can make your body more flexible.

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