Autism: Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Treatment, Alternate Therapies
Autism occurs right from infancy, but it does not express itself right away. Determining the signs and symptoms at the earliest stage of the disorder will ensure that the child is diagnosed with Autism soon and started given treatments and therapies to live a better life.
Complementary & Alternative Treatments for Autistic Children
Complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) is also known as integrative medicine and is used for the people suffering from autism. Most autistic children are suggested to follow alternative or complementary medical treatment like yoga, vitamin B12 intake, Gluten free diet, herbal medicine, acupressure etc.
Heller's Syndrome or Disintegrative Psychosis: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes
Heller's syndrome or disintegrative psychosis is part of a wider spectrum of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders. KNow the causes, symptoms, signs and treatment of heller's syndrome or disintegrative psychosis.
How Can Parents Help Their Autistic Child?
As the parents of an autistic child, the best thing that can be done would be to seek the right treatment. Learning everything about autism and knowing the right treatment that can help your child in coping up is the key to help him or her in recovering well.
Music Therapy for Autistic Children: Importance, Objective, Benefits
Music therapy often helps autistic children with respect to nonverbal as well as a non-threatening medium of therapy. The objective of the music therapy is to improve the autistic child’s communication, cognitive, sensory functions. The research supports the advantages or Benefits of music therapy for children suffering from autism.
Significance of Speech Therapy in Treating Autistic Child
Those suffering from autism may have major issues with speech as well as nonverbal communication. It may be difficult for them to interact with people instantly. This is why; speech therapy is designed to form a central part of the treatment for an autistic child. It can address a variety of problems for all the autism sufferers.
Treatment Plan (Medications, Therapies) for Autism, Tips for Parents
A Good Treatment Plan for Autism Will help in building the interests of your child, present a convenient schedule, teach to carry out tasks in a step by step manner etc...
Treatment Strategies (School Programs, Home Treatment) for Asperger's Syndrome in Children
Treatment for Asperger's syndrome endeavors to improve the interaction abilities of your child and helps him or her in functioning well with social surroundings. know treatment strategies for asperger's syndrome in children.
What is Asperger Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Alternative Therapies, Prognosis
Asperger syndrome is a developmental disability. It is a mild form of autism. Individuals suffering from Asperger syndrome exhibit significant difficulty with social interaction and non-verbal communication. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and alternative therapies of Asperger Syndrome.
What is Echolalia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis, Prevention, Associated Disorders
Echolalia is a symptom or a phenomenon of repeating the words, phrases and sentences of what others have said. In most cases, Echolalia is associated with autism and other disorders. However, in some cases, it is just a part of normal language development that a child might experience by the time he/she reaches 18 months of age and reaches the peak when the child is 30 months old. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment, prognosis, prevention and associated disorders of Echolalia.

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