What is the Life Expectancy For Cystic Fibrosis?

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis refers to an inherited medical condition which inflicts significant damage to the lungs, digestive system and other vital organs of the body. Cystic Fibrosis makes affects the cells that produce mucous making the mucous thick. The thickness increases to such an extent that instead of acting as a lubricant the mucous starts obstructing the passageways and arteries, especially in the lungs and the digestive system.

The cells that produce sweat are also equally affected by Cystic Fibrosis. There is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis and treatment is aimed at calming down the symptoms and improving the quality of life of the patient. Majority of the people are able to get their education and get employed.

The treatment approaches have improved over time and patients live a much better life then a few decades ago when people with Cystic Fibrosis were more or less disabled and were dependent on others for their daily activities.

What is the Life Expectancy for Cystic Fibrosis?

What is the Life Expectancy for Cystic Fibrosis?

Almost 90% of children diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis stay healthy till the time they become full adults. That is when they start experiencing symptoms and complications from this condition. They are able to complete their education and become gainfully employed thanks to the advancements that medical science has made as this was not possible a decade or so ago.

However, eventually, Cystic Fibrosis, starts acting up and complications arise rendering the patient disabled and they ultimately succumb to the condition. On an average, an individual with Cystic Fibrosis can live up to 40 years of age, although in some cases people have lived up to 50 years. Majority of people succumb to Cystic Fibrosis as a result of lung complications.

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