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Dangers of Removing Nose Hair

Like so many other clusters of hair on our body, nose hairs serve the purpose of keeping dust and unwanted organisms out of our orifices. Nose hair however, tends to grow longer as we grow older, spilling out the side of the nostrils and making unwelcome appearances, and may be a real concern for many of us. So, few of us tend to go for nose hair removal. But again, nose hair removal can also be a major concern for many individuals. It can be dangerous at times.

Dangers Of Removing Nose Hair

Dangers Of Removing Nose Hair

Dangers Of Removing Nose Hair For The Brain: “The Triangle Of Death”

When we talk about the dangers of removing nose hair, we must inform that removing nose hair can be really too bad for your brain. This is because, you will somehow break the skin while pulling nose hair and this would cause an infection, which could subsequently migrate inward in to the base of your brain.

Blood from your nose, or from a triangular region of the face centered on the nose, drains to the rear towards your brain, where it joins several other veins, including the ones that are known to drain blood out of your brain.

Again, in case a nasal infection were to travel downstream and block this point of junction (condition called as Intracranial thrombophlebitis), you would have real big problems. It is referred to as “the triangle of death”, by some doctors.

Some of the most common ways of removing nose hair include those using nose hair trimmers of scissors so as to trim excess of nose hair, tweezing, waxing, laser hair removal for the nose, etc. Even some try finding out some hair removal creams for the nasal hair. Well, let us now know about the dangers of removing nose hair by all these means.

Dangers of Removing Nose Hair Using Tweezers

Tweezers can be used so as to get rid of nose hair. In fact tweezers are very effective and this is the reason why most people use them. However, this method is really very painful. Moreover, because you are pulling the hairs out of their follicles, such a type of nose hair removal can have side effects including infection.

So if you decide removing nose hair with tweezers, you must make sure that the tweezers are properly disinfected and also use new tweezers that do not have any rust on them. Also keep a note that while plucking nose hairs, you pull the hair in the right direction, which is the direction in which hair grows. Also, do not use unnecessary force and do not pull more than one hair at one time.

Dangers of Removing Nose Hair By Way of Waxing

Waxing is an increasingly popular and appealing to choice to many people having nose hairs, especially women who are already familiar with the temporary hair removal method. However, waxing is many times more painful than tweezing and there is an incredibly high risk of infection with this. So, it is good to avoid such a method of removing nose hair.

Dangers of Removing Nose Hair Via Manual Clippers

Sharp nose hair clippers can be a great way to get rid of the hairs that stick out of your nose. However, one needs to remain very careful not to catch the skin, as it could lead to cuts as well as infections.

Before you use nose hair cutters, be very sure that you have thoroughly disinfected them, so as to keep away from infection.

Dangers of Removing Nose Hair Using Electric Trimmers

There are a lot of electric trimmers available in the market and these are specifically designed for nose hair trimming. Such electric trimmers make sure that you do not completely remove the hair, rather only shortening them. They tend to have small rotating blades that are useful in cutting down the hairs. But, if one is not very careful while removing the nose hair with an electric trimmer, it can damage the lining of his or her nose.

Thus, you must, remember that you do not stick the trimmers too far up your nose; as this could damage the lining of your nose.

Dangers of Removing Nose Hair Using Hair Removal Creams

One more way which some people would choose to remove their nose hair could be hair removal creams. Hair removal creams are full of highly harmful chemical that will get in to your airways in case you make use of them for removing nose hair. So, you must never use any form of chemical treatment in or around your nose, unless it is prescribed by a medical professional.

Dangers of Laser Nose Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is seldom performed on the interior parts of the nose. Though, the laser would be effective, it also poses the risk of damaging mucus membranes present inside your nose. Damaged mucus membranes can cause respiratory problems and also cause drainage issues. However, laser hair removal is a viable option for individuals with excess hair growing on the outside of their nose.


So, we have talked few of the ways through which nose hair removal can be done, and talked about the dangers of removing nose hair. One must be very much careful while going for any process of nasal hair removal and must consult a medical professional for the best and effective treatment without any danger or side effect.


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