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Fight Against Hirsutism : Getting Rid Of Female Facial Hairs!

Being a woman you would surely love to have long hairs for enhancing the feminine look. But it is for sure you will never wish to have facial hairs. Hirsutism or commonly known facial hair growth seen in women is one of the absurd conditions a female would be having nightmares about. This is the abnormal condition seen in women, where there is an excessive or abnormal amount of hairs in their face; especially in the forehead, upper lip, chin etc. Hirsutism is also seen on areas like chest and abdomen.

Men and women are God’s wonderful creations having special features of self that distinguishes them from each other. However, as they say, “No one is perfect. So is not the God!” There are cases where women suffer from the growth of some male characters; like in case of Hirsutism. Well, leaving apart the spiritual talks coming to real science; facial hairs are usually seen in male. But in the case of an atypical or abnormal hormonal variation; females do suffer with this condition where there is an excessive hairiness in female face or body. Studies say that Hirsutism is caused with an enhanced production of androgen hormone in women. Female facial hair or Hirsutism is more common after menopause. With the arrival of such a situation with a woman; she actually starts losing confidence on her femininity and struggles hard maintaining her feminism. Trying on all the herbal treatments, scientific treatments, cosmetic therapies; women suffering from hirsutism begins their endless effort in eradicating the abnormal facial hair growths. Now this begins the real fight against Hirsutism. The current article is dedicated to all those ladies who are a victim of this excessive hairiness and wants to come out of it.

Fight Against Hirsutism

Various Ways For Getting Rid Of Female Facial Hairs:

There are a number of ways you can get rid of Hirsutism and it all depends on what step you follow or what are the treatment procedures which get you the best result. Some women prefer cosmetic treatments; while some go for medical treatment. Others prefer natural or herbal treatments for removing female facial hairs. Check out the following array to find some of the major treatment procedures for Hirsutism.

Various Ways For Getting Rid Of Female Facial Hairs

Herbal Treatments For Hirsutism:

“If there is a unity between beauty and purity; then it is definitely here!” Herbal treatments for removing female facial hairs, are not just pure, but also very much complimenting the beauty of women. Look for the list of natural treatments you can go for treating Hirsutism

  • Try for green tea, Cinnamon etc. and look for reduced symptoms of facial hairs.
  • Spearmint tea, black cohosh, saw palmetto etc. are also some of the herbal treatments having anti-androgenic effects and thus can reduce hirsutism. Taking one cup of spearmint tea or 160 mg of Saw palmetto daily has twice acted as the effective dosage.
  • You can also try natural supplements like 100 mg of inositol, 1.2 gram of N-acetylecystine and 200 mg of calcium D- Glucarate; can help you get rid of excessive facial hairs effectively.

Side Effects Of Herbal Treatments For Hirsutism:

Now as there is a saying, “Not everything is perfect!” Herbal treatments can sometimes cause ill effect on hormone levels, if taken without expert consultation.

Cosmetic Ways For Removing Female Facial Hairs:

“A place where most of the females love to visit very often is a cosmetic/beauty parlor.” Beauty & make-ups keep a great importance in women’s life. More important is the beauty treatment! Check out some of the cosmetic treatments available for removing excessive female hairs in a beautiful manner.

  • Plucking: This is the most common way to treat hirsutism. Here Tweezers are used to remove the unwanted hair follicles, especially from the chin, upper lips & eyebrows. It is advised to consult with experts while taking the treatment.
  • Threading: One more usual way of removing facial hair is threading; where hairs from eyebrows, forehead, upper lip etc. are removed by an expert beautician. It must be informed to you that such a treatment sometimes causes unwanted pimples and acne in women undergoing the treatment. Though not all women do suffer; but as the saying goes, “Not all skins are same!”
  • Waxing as the effective treatment for removing facial hairs: This is another common procedure every woman prefers who prefers undergoing for hair removal treatments in cosmetic ways. Usually resin wax is used in this case; though cold wax is considered safer.

Side Effects of Cosmetic Treatments For Hirsutism:

Sometimes in some female skins, threading or waxing may get side effects like pimples, redness, mild burning sensation etc.

Advanced Medical Treatments For Hirsutism

Advanced Medical Treatments For Hirsutism:

“To treat adversity permanently, you actually need to go for a bombardment of the treatment on it!” Here plays the crucial role the advance medical procedures in treating hirsutism on a permanent basis. Note down the following advanced & scientific methods used for removing female facial hairs permanently.

  • Electrolysis Procedure For Hirsutism: The basic concept of the electrolysis hair removal is the needle slides down the hair follicles & reaches the responsible hair cells that cause hairiness; an electric current is passed through the needles so as to destroy the unwanted hair cells. This is a medical process which is categorized primarily in to two major types including diathermy electrolysis and the transdermal electrolysis. In case of the former process, tiny needles act as the main instrument to remove the excessive facial hairs. However in the later type, there is no use of needles.
  • Laser Treatment As The Absolute Treatment For Hirsutism: One of the most successive & advanced permanent way for getting rid of excessive hairiness is the medical procedure through laser. The highly effective laser utilized in this process of scientific treatment for hirsutism, helps in permanently disabling the growth of hair follicles responsible for growing unwanted facial hairs in women. This may take a couple or more of its treatment session so as to get the actual result; but as it is you can get real benefit out of laser treatment when the worry for growing excessive hairiness comes to a permanent end with the permanent end of Hirsutism.

Side Effects of Medical Treatments for Hirsutism:

Some minor side effects of the advanced treatment procedures of electrolysis & laser hair removal include, redness around the treated areas, swelling and rarely burning (while the laser treatment).


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