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How Long Can Burning Mouth Syndrome Last?

Who Gets Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning Mouth Syndrome is an absolutely benign disorder in which the affected individual gets a burning sensation in the mouth without any obvious source for it(1, 2). Burning Mouth Syndrome is seen mostly in females even though males have also been known to have it at times.(1, 2)

Burning Mouth Syndrome seen mostly in females who have reached menopause, but in some rare instances even females of reproductive age can also get burning mouth syndrome.(1, 2)

The classic presentation for Burning Mouth Syndrome is burning sensation on the tip and the side of the tongue, roof of mouth, and inner half of the lips, although the burning sensation is not specific to these areas(1, 2). An individual with Burning Mouth Syndrome will also experience as if they have burnt their mouth with spicy or hot food(1, 2). They will also have a metallic taste and the mouth will feel dry(1).

What is the Cause of Burning Mouth Syndrome?

There is no cause for Burning Mouth Syndrome, but some of the characteristic features of this disorder are minimal burning sensation on waking up in the morning which worsens as the day goes on, the burning sensation is almost continuous throughout the day with some periods of remission on some days. This article discusses about how long does Burning Mouth Syndrome lasts.

How Long Can Burning Mouth Syndrome Last?

About 50-75% of people with Burning Mouth Syndrome tend to show improvement in symptoms with various treatments within two to three months(3). People who have had Burning Mouth Syndrome chronically for over a decade or so, with treatments the severity and intensity of this condition may calm down for most of the times at a tolerable level(3).

In some cases, with treatment there is complete recovery from Burning Mouth Syndrome with no symptoms whatsoever after about four months or so(1). An improvement in the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome can be observed for many years without any real chance of recurrence.

Some people relate Burning Mouth Syndrome to oral cancer, but the fact is that these two conditions are totally separate entities(1). The various treatment options available for treating Burning Mouth Syndrome include:

Products used as saliva replacement have been known to be beneficial in treating Burning Mouth Syndrome. Oral rinses like lidocaine also are good relievers of symptoms of burning mouth syndrome(2).

At times, antidepressant like Klonopin is given for treating symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome. Nerve medications are also helpful for calming down the pain caused by Burning Mouth Syndrome(1). Additionally, at times physicians resort to cognitive behavioral therapy to treat some of the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome(1).


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