What Causes The Inside Of Nose To Itch, How to Get Rid of it & Ways to Prevent It

Itchy nose is an extremely irritating health condition. Sometimes the itch is so irritating that one just cannot stop scratching their nose. Want to know what Causes the Inside of Nose to Itch & How To Get Rid of it? Read on to understand this condition, better.

What Causes the Inside of the Nose to Itch?

What Causes the Inside of the Nose to Itch?

Whether the skin of the nose triggers the irritation and gives an itchy feeling, or the inside of the nose itches, there are many factors which can cause this condition. Causes of itching in inside of the nose are:

Allergy: This is the most common cause of the inside of nose to itch. Just like certain foods can trigger allergic reaction in the entire body, there are some allergens which can concentrate the allergy and irritation only to the nose. Few of the common allergens that can cause allergy in the nose are pollen, perfume, mold, dust, animal dander and chemical fumes. When these allergens are inhaled directly through the nostrils, itchiness within the nose occurs. The condition happens when the immune system of the body identifies these elements as foreign particles, and releases histamines to fight them, and thereby leads to the itchy feeling inside of the nose.

Cold & Other Environmental Conditions: Nasal itching caused by a runny nose, when suffering from cold, is quite common. This occurs when the nasal passage becomes dry and causes the inside of nose to itch. In case of severe nasal dryness, one can also experience sneezing along with nasal itchiness.

Skin Dryness Due To High Temperature: Nasal itchiness is often limited only to the skin of the nose and does not affect the inside of the nose. The inside of nose to itches due to skin dryness also. When the temperature is high and the moisture level in the environment is low, many people experience itchiness inside the nose. So, even sun exposure in dry regions can trigger itching within the nose. As UV rays penetrate into the skin and break the elastin fibres and collagen, they cause skin irritation and itchy nose.

Spicy Foods: People who are intolerant to spicy food tend to have itchy nose after eating something hot and spicy. Spicy foods are one of the causes of the inside of nose to itch.

What are the Symptoms of Itchy Nose?

Although itchy nose or itching inside of the nose itself is a symptom of other external or internal disturbances, there are some other signs which are often linked with this condition. These include sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, skin rashes and watery itchy eyes. If any of these symptoms are experienced along with an itchy nose, then cold, allergy or the environmental condition are most likely to be causing the inside of nose to itch.

How To Get Rid Of Itching Inside The Nose?

  • The treatment of itching inside the nose completely depends upon the cause of the condition. Different causes of itchy nose are addressed with different treatment methods. Diagnostic tests or clinical examination need to be conducted to identify the cause behind itching inside the nose.
  • You can get rid of itching inside the nose caused by allergies with prescribed medicines like nasal sprays and ointments which contain antihistamines.
  • You can get rid of itching inside the nose caused by cold with medicines that can cure the cold. A sterile saline solution can also be used to reduce the nasal irritation.
  • If the cause of the inside of nose to itch is skin irritation then you can get rid of it with over-the-counter medicines like Hydrocortisone lotions and non-prescription ointments, which contain urea or lactic acid, acid. These aid in reducing the skin dryness and help to effectively get rid of itchy nose.

Ways to Prevent Itching Inside the Nose

  • For preventing itching inside the nose, the home should be kept clean and free from allergen and dust.
  • The nose should always be kept covered with a guard or a piece of cloth, while cleaning the house for avoiding dust and allergens from entering the nose.
  • Perfume and other fragrances should be used as less as possible.
  • The hair and clothes should be washed regularly to prevent nasal itchiness.
  • Clean and fresh clothes should be worn since clothes carry various kinds of allergens which can trigger nose itchiness.

For preventing itchiness of the nose, it is also important to choose the right kind of facial tissue. People often mistakenly choose moistened facial tissue instead of the plain dry tissues as they expect it to moisten the skin. Since the pre-moistened tissues are designed to remove makeup, they are mildly to strongly fragranced, and can thus cause an allergic reaction and cause the inside of nose to itch.

  • Fragrance-free moisturizer should be used instead of wipes on the face. The facial skin should be moisturized several times a day to prevent the inside of nose itchiness.
  • The nose should never be wiped, but can only be patted with a tissue.
  • The nose should be flushed at least twice a day for clearing the congested nasal passages and also to prevent itching inside the nose.
  • By using these simple preventive measures, an individual can easily cope with the problem of itching in the nose.
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:June 2, 2022

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