What Kind of Teeth Need Braces?

Human beings possess 32 teeth which are located as the 16 upper and the 16 lower teeth. A good alignment of all teeth is very important for a proper bite. This means the way the upper and lower jaw meet when the mouth opens and closes. In addition, a good bite also ensures an aesthetic smile. However, not everyone possesses well aligned teeth. The mal-alignment can lead to overbite, underbite, crossbite etc. which needs correction of the alignment of teeth by wearing braces.

What Kind of Teeth Need Braces?

What Kind of Teeth Need Braces?

Many times it is observed that people have misaligned teeth. This affects chewing, causes headaches and other health problems. One of the ways to treat this is by means of wearing braces. The dentist or orthodontist advises wearing of braces in the following cases:

  • There is an early loss of baby teeth and the adult teeth take time to come back. This affects the development of the arising adult teeth.
  • Very Often The Teeth Are:
    • Crowded or crooked which may require braces to correct
    • Bite problems ormalocculsions such as:
      • Overbite: This type of malocclusion occurs when the upper jaw is in front of the lower jaw and will require braces to correct it.
      • Underbite: Braces are also required to correct underbite. This type of malocclusion occurs when the lower jaw is in front of the upper jaw.
      • Crossbite: This type of malocclusion occurs when some of the teeth of the upper jaw are inside as compared to the lower teeth.
    • Problems with the jaw movements.
  • There is developmental problem with the jaw. The jaw is receding or protruding which affects placement of the teeth.
  • The child in involved in biting of the cheeks or the tongue touches the upper palate of the mouth, which affects alignment of the teeth.
  • One experiences difficulty while chewing of food.
  • Breathing through mouth.

Health Effects of Misaligned Teeth

  • There is change in facial appearance
  • Lack of pleasant smile
  • Discomfort while biting and chewing
  • Teeth grinding and teeth clenching in case of bite problem
  • Increased wear and tear of tooth enamel, tooth decay and speech problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Loss of self confidence

Treatment of Teeth Using Braces

The use of braces is the most common method of treatment for most of the teeth problems. Depending on the extent of teeth problem, the braces are custom made and the patient has to wear them for 1-2 years. Although the treatment with use of braces is a slow process, it is very effective for correction of severe types of bites (malocclusion) as well. The disadvantage of using braces is that it becomes difficult to maintain a good oral hygiene. The patients are at more risk of tooth decay and gum problems.


Till date braces have been used for aligning the teeth. However, it is used for treatment of various types of teeth malocculsions. Although a popular treatment in case of children, it is a slow treatment method. Another modification of braces is use of aligners to be used for mild bite problems. In case of adults, advanced orthodental treatments are used. The only way to prevent dental problems is that parents need to be careful of their habits as well as the child’s habit when they are growing. They should ensure that children do not take up the damaging habits of thumb sucking, nail biting and use of pacifiers.

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