18 Reasons Why You Should Begin Strength Training

For the health and weight conscious people, regular exercise and healthy eating is a way of life. But sometimes, eating the right food and the right amount of physical activity is just not enough. For best fitness results and for a healthy body, physical trainers suggest strength training. There are several other reasons to perform strength training. Know 19 reasons to start strength training and lead a fit and active life.

18 Reasons Why You Should Begin Strength Training

18 Reasons Why You Should Begin Strength Training

Strength training is nothing but weight training to work on specific parts of the body. From muscle toning to reduction of fat at specific places in the body, all can be done through proper strength training. Apart from activities like yoga, running, walking and using gym equipments, weight training is also quite essential as it can help the body in various ways.

Here are 19 reasons to start strength training. Know the benefits of strength training and decide for yourself.

  1. Burn more Calories

    One of the main reasons to begin strength training is to boost metabolism. Taking up strength training helps burn calories by boosting your metabolism. With an increased metabolism, the fat and calories in the body can be burnt faster to give the desired results. During strength training, using weights that are comfortable for you, help to boost metabolism and burn fat. An increased metabolism converts excessive calories into energy and helps in many ways.

  2. Get into Shape

    Strength training involves putting pressure on specific regions of the body and stretching body parts to get rid of any excess fat in that region and tone the body. Once the fat is reduced, the skin may become lose. With proper strength training, the body can be toned, increasing the lean body mass. This is a great way to achieve sleek and slim look and enhance your overall personality. So, now you have a wonderful reason to begin strength training and look great.

  3. Build Muscles

    Strength training helps build muscles and increase the muscle strength. While doing a vigorous workout like running or doing sit ups, lack of muscle strength may lead to muscle spasm or injury. Proper and regular strength training helps to increase the muscle strength making it more flexible and less prone to injury. Begin strength training now to build stronger muscles and enjoy more fitness activities.

  4. Fight Diabetes

    Strength training helps reduce weight and maintain blood sugar, which eventually helps in regulation of diabetes. Weight training helps to convert excessive calories and sugar in the body into energy. It also helps normalize body functions and metabolism, which can help manage thyroid problems and diabetes. Thus another important reason to begin strength training is to keep diabetes and other metabolic disorders at bay.

  5. Healthy Heart

    For a healthy heart, cardio exercises are suggested and strength training is a great way for cardio exercises. With the right combination of healthy food and proper exercise, heart diseases can be avoided. One of the heart friendly reasons to begin strength training is that it improves blood circulation, provides better oxygenation and improving the heart functioning.

  6. Regulated Blood Pressure

    When excessive fats, sugar and calories in the body are reduced, the blood pressure of the body normalizes. As strength training helps with better blood circulation it also helps to maintain blood pressure. For people suffering from high blood pressure, starting off with light weight training and then increasing the weight according to the comfort of the person helps to regulate blood pressure. This is a great therapeutic reason to begin strength training, as advised by your physician.

  7. Better Flexibility

    Training with weights by applying pressure at specific body parts helps to increase the flexibility of the body. Various exercises carried out with weights increase the strength of the muscles making them supple and strong. Better flexibility and agility is one the important reasons to begin strength training.

  8. Better Bone Strength

    As much as calcium is necessary for the bones, regular exercise to increase the bone strength is also equally important. Strength training is a great way to toughen up the bones. With increased bone strength, fractures or dislocation of the bone can be minimized. One of the most important reasons to begin strength training is to increase bone density and prevent problems like osteoporosis.

  9. Overall Body Strength

    Once the body becomes used to strength training routine, overall strength of the body is enhanced. This helps in day to day activities. With the new fund energy, the body does not get tired easily which improves your overall performance.

  10. Prevent Injury

    Regular training with weights helps strengthen muscles, bones and enhances the overall strength of the body. This improves the endurance of the body making it less prone to injuries during exercises and activities. Strength training helps build healthy muscles, ligament and tendons which mean injuries like spasms, strains and sprains can be avoided during the daily activities.

  11. Stress Buster

    One of the best reasons to begin strength training is that it helps to refresh body and mind. This is a great way of getting rid of stress. Regular exercises help to release endorphins, which are feel good hormones, which make the body feel relaxed and stress free.

  12. Better Breathing

    During strength training, breathing patterns are paid attention to for better performance. A well-planned weight training helps with better breathing, giving you another good reason to begin strength training. It is suggested to take deep breaths regularly between the exercises.

  13. Fight Insomnia

    After a good workout, the body feels relaxed and the painful trigger points are released. Hence helping with a good night’s sleep fighting sleep conditions like snoring and insomnia.

  14. Better Concentration

    While strength training, weight lifting is done with certain amount of concentration. Improved breathing and blood circulation improves cognitive abilities. So, another good reason to start strength training is to increase brain power and improve concentration.

  15. Better Posture

    While training, your posture is taken care of to avoid injuries. Strength training also tones the muscles increasing lean mass, thus enhancing the posture of the body.

  16. Better Movements

    Regular weight lifting tones the body, making it lean and giving a perfect shape. While this enhances the overall appearance of the body, it improves your range of movements. One of the interesting reasons to begin strength training is that is helps to improve your range of motion and co-ordination.

  17. Being Energetic

    With better breathing, enhanced body strength and a healthy body, the overall energy of the body also increases. This makes you feel less fatigued or lethargic and you tend to remain active and energetic.

  18. Anti-Aging

    One of the popular reasons to begin strength training is the antiaging benefits. Weight exercises can help tone the aging muscles by reducing excessive mass and increasing the lean mass. It helps to get rid of double chin, arm fat, tone hips, etc.


Strength training is a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind by reducing excessive fat and toning the body. Men and women both can start strength training for a better and healthy body. In addition to having health benefits, strength training is a great mood booster, which also increases productivity and enhances brain activity. Be it for weight reduction, toning the body or maintaining your current weight, strength training is extremely helpful.

Lifting weights need not be a tiresome task; you can start with lighter weights and increase once you are comfortable. It is essential to seek assistance while doing weight training so that it is done in the correct way for maximum benefit. Now that you know the 19 reasons to start strength training, you can plan your exercise regime with the help of experts and enjoy good health.

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