21 Different Push-Up Variations for Total-Body Strength

Why Push-Ups?

When doing push-ups, it is easy to strengthen your different body parts, which include your legs and abs, and with that, strengthening the muscles becomes essential and the best part is you can include many variations with the push-ups, which can make you fit and fine in a short span of time.

How the variations are to be done in the push-ups will be discussed here and you can take up these exercises accordingly.

What Role Do Push-Ups Have In Strengthening Your Body?

What Role Do Push-Ups Have In Strengthening Your Body?

If you have a weak posture, then strengthening your muscles and your core is a must and for that, proper posture is the easiest thing that you can do. But, beyond a certain point, you need to take up exercise so that your muscles can support you in making you fit. When you do push-ups, your body tends to become more in line with a proper posture. This is the major benefit of push-ups, which turns out to be very fruitful in maintaining your overall health.

To get back into shape, some major goals need to be achieved and push-ups can play a very prominent role in that. Push-ups make you stronger and help you in getting the core strength back, but you have to do keep doing them on a consistent basis. Push-ups also need to be done in variation, which will be talked about in the later section.

21 Different Push-Up Various To Make The Body Stronger

Here are the 21 various push-ups for total body strength, which can be done as a regular part of your daily routine:

Push-Ups Variation #1: Standard Push-Ups:

To start with push-ups, you need to understand the basics.

Method: Lie flat on your back, keep your lower portion down and make your abs firm. Slightly rotate the shoulders such that the elbows are a bit forward. This position puts your body in a situation to withstand the pain, which can be experienced while doing push-ups. Now, take up the aforesaid position and bend your elbows towards your body but make sure you have lowered your body in the right position. Now, lift yourself such that the floor is away from you.

Push-Ups Variation #2: Knee Push-Ups

These are modified push-ups.

Focus: Meant to gain upper body strength.

Method: Kneel down and take half plank and lie down flat on your stomach. Lower yourself on the floor and firm up your hands by the palms. Lift your butt and tighten up your core body, slightly bend your arms and lift yourself up from the floor.

Push-Ups Variation #3: Knee to elbow push-ups or Spiderman push-ups

Focus: To strengthen core and upper body.

Method: Take the plank position and bring your knee outside of the elbow so that they are parallel to each other. Begin the push-up with repetitions to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #4: Mountain Climber Push-Ups or Knee-To-Chest Push-Ups.

Focus: Upper Body and Hips.

Method: Take the runner’s position with knee touching the chest. One foot should not touch the ground and begin push-ups. Get back to the original position and repeat the other side to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #5: Staggered Hand Push-Up.

Focus: Works on triceps, serratus anterior and pectorals.

Method: Take the standard plank position, take one hand a bit forward and pull back, repeat as required to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #6: Staggered Hand & Single-Leg Push-Up.

Focus: Whole body

Method: Take the plank position, lift one leg from the floor, pull back one hand and lift the other leg up. Repeat the same on the other side to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #7: Single Arm Raise Push-Up.

Method: Take the push-up position, keep one arm parallel to the floor and perform push-ups. Repeat the position on the other side.

Push-Ups Variation #8: Warrior Push-Up.

Method: Take the normal push-up position, keep one hand on your back and perform the pushups to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #9: Outside Leg Kick Push-Up.

Method: Perform the push-up by straightening your one leg outside so that it is at the right angles with your upper body.

Push-Ups Variation #10: Inside Leg Kick Push-Up.

Method: Place yourself in a plank position, turn to your right hand and then lift your left foot and touch it with your left hand.

Push-Ups Variation #11: Hip Twist Push-Up.

Method: In lower push-up position, kick your left foot outside with hips touching the ground. Perform repetitions to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #12: Wall Push-Ups/

Method: Place your hands against the wall and perform pushups against the wall for toned arms and chest.

Push-Ups Variation #13: Dive Bomber Push-Ups.

Method: In the normal plank position, raise your hip to the highest level then lower to the ground. Repeat the process to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #14: Incline Push-Ups.

Method: Take help of a support and place yourself in an inclined position. Perform your normal push-ups in this position to strengthen the entire body.

Push-Ups Variation #15: Decline Push-Ups

Method: Place your leg on a prop so that your body is in an even level and perform push-ups to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #16: Medicine Ball Push-Ups

Method: Place the medicine ball on your chest and perform the standard push-ups.

Push-Ups Variation #17: Stability Ball Push-Ups

Method: Perform push-ups against a stability ball for a better core.

Push-Ups Variation #18: Stability Ball Push-Ups with Pull-In.

Method: Place your shins on the stability ball and place your hands on the ground. Perform one push-up. Now at the starting position, curl your legs inwards and roll the ball towards your chest where it will end under your feet. Keep your abs lifted. Then slowly push back the ball to its starting position. The pushup along with the pull in constitutes 1 single rep. Do as many reps as possible to strengthen your entire body.

Push-Ups Variation #19: Diamond Push-Ups

Method: Take the normal plank position, place your palms down and join your index finger and tip of thumbs together so that a diamond shape is formed. Now continue with normal push-ups to increase your total body strength.

Push-Ups Variation #20: Wide Grip Push-Ups

Method: Take the normal plank position and place your hands outwards so that more of your weight is transferred to your pectoral muscles. Now perform psuh-ups to increased strength.

Push-Ups Variation #21: Single Leg Push-Up

Method: Perform push-ups on single leg while keeping the other leg raised. This type of pushups utilizes all the muscles in the body and hence is great for increasing your total body strength.


Trying these 21 push-up variations for total-body strength is a must and these push-ups have immense benefits. There may be other variations as well which you can experiment and find out. Pros of doing these 21 push-ups to gain body strength are innumerable and you will get to enjoy these surely, but make sure that take a proper diet also to have better results, which can lead you to better body health.

So, in terms of enjoyment, it is beneficial to take up these 21 push-up variations to gain better body strength, getting rid of the flabby arms in a pretty short span of time. So try out these push-up variations and gain the core strength you always wanted to have.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:December 11, 2017

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