Back Fat Exercises

Excess fat deposits in different parts of the body including on the back. It is often seen that maximum fat deposit occurs on the two sides of lower back near to the waist, along the edge on two sides of the back, and around the thoracic spine region. It is really tough to get rid of the back fat with common exercises or daily workouts. People mostly keep focus on the fat mass depositing on the abdomen or waist areas. As they can’t observe the fat deposit on the back directly, this fat mass often remains undetected. However, one must be aware of back fat too. With the help of some exercises, the back fat can be controlled easily.

Back Fat Exercises

How to Get Rid of Fat on the Back with Exercises?

Back fat can easily be lessened by learning and practicing certain exercises and stretches along with other daily exercises to take care of the back. There are some really effective exercises to get rid of back fat; while at the same time, these exercises strengthen back muscles.

Back Fat Exercises

Following are the most effective exercises that anyone with excess fat deposition in the back can perform to get rid of the annoying back fat:

Pull-up Exercise Can Help Get Rid of Back Fat

This is the most authentic exercise for reducing back fat, and also to keep the back and shoulder muscles in good condition. Pull-ups can be performed at home or at a gym. Many women avoid this exercise in the fear of getting broader and bigger muscles, but it never grows muscles as such. Pull-ups can also be practiced without using the conventional bar.


  • The bar is to be gripped with two hands.
  • The hands need to be at least 2 feet away from each other and the palms facing the face.
  • In this condition, the whole body is to be hoisted up to the chin’s level.
  • Complete weight of the body will be concentrated in the hands, shoulder and back.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds, and then slowly lower the body to the resting state.

It could be difficult and painful to perform the exercise initially; however, one gets used to it and develops the strength to perform it. Instead of using the pull-up bar, the same effect can be availed with suspension rope training like TRX band suspension training too. This process is rather easy, but should be practiced under expert guidance only.

Push-up Exercise for Back Fat

This is the simplest type of exercise that can be performed effectively without taking help of any device and anywhere. It basically works for the chest, but equally effective for the back as well.


  • Lie down on the floor facing towards the ground.
  • Now place your palm on the ground just below the shoulder and raise your body, so that only the palm and toes are touching the ground.
  • The hands are to be stretched a little behind the shoulders.
  • In this position, lower the entire body by concentrating the weight on the hands and foot.
  • The entire body is to be lowered and hoisted up all together like an inclining plane.
  • This can be practiced for 4 to 5 minutes in the two sessions.

Renegade Row Exercise for Back Fat

It is a multipurpose, multi-joint exercise that helps to increase strength in the back, shoulder, and upper arm. It quickly reduces back fat and helps to tone up the back muscles.


  • The performer of this exercise needs to assume the initial position of push-up with his or her hands gripping two dumbbells. It is better to use hexagonal dumbbell for better grip.
  • Alternatively, pull one right back to the rib cage as much as possible while keeping the entire body static in the initial push-up position.
  • Practicing it for 30 seconds with each hand for 4 to 5 minutes in two sessions a day work wonders for the back fat and back muscles.

Jumping Rope Exercise to Get Rid of Back Fat:

This is another effective and easy-to-perform exercise to reduce back fat.


  • The jumping rope is to be held with both the hands.
  • Now, start jumping while swinging the jumping rope from back to front continuously for 5 to 10 minutes.

The exercise reduces back fat in two ways: Firstly, reducing the fat of the entire body by burning the fat masses deposited in the body naturally; secondly, through constant movement of the shoulder blades the exercise directly moves the muscles in the upper and lower back. Both processes effectively reduce back fat.

Free-Hand TYI Exercise for Back Fat:

This is the simple free-hand exercise where the body gets “T”, “Y”, and “I” position in three steps. The exercise is also mentioned in Indian yoga as one of the best stretching exercises for the back muscles.


  • To start this exercise, the performer needs to lie on the stomach or balance on a physio ball, if one already knows how to use it in exercising.
  • Now, the chest is to be lifted a little.
  • In this position, the hands are to be put out in “T” position at first. Hold the position for a few seconds’ and go back to the initial position
  • Next, the chest is to be lifted again, with the hands stretched out in “Y” position.
  • After completing the “Y” position, take a few seconds’ rest, and then stretch the hands forward taking the posture of an “I”.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • After practicing this exercise for a month regularly, the same postures can be practiced with two light-weight dumbbells in two hands.

Important Things to Consider

If somebody has back fat, that person must have fats in other areas of the body too. So, the concerned person must be serious enough about other allied matters related to his or her health. Person must visit a doctor to check up the Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and the chance of obesity, etc. A specific diet chart is to be followed along with necessary lifestyle changes and exercises as mentioned above.


Performing exercises to reduce back fat is not a tough affair. If back fat remains uncontrolled, it can bring many other problems like increased cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems, back and shoulder pain, etc. These easy-to-perform exercises can bring back the natural look of the muscles in the back within a few months if practiced accurately. Initially, the help of an expert or a family member may be needed for a few days; later, it can be performed without any help. The added advantage of back fat reducing exercise is that these can strengthen the allied muscles, and increase energy of the performer nicely.

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